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Recent Shows

Jazz Mission Possible: Lalo Schifrin’s Early Years

lalo schifrin on an album cover

Lalo Schifrin is best known for his “Mission: Impossible” theme and numerous other film scores, but the pianist and composer first emerged from mid-20th century Argentina as a jazz artist, working with Dizzy Gillespie and recording under his own name as well.

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1968, Riot: The Year In Jazz

student activists holding signs and marching

What did the activism of 1968 sound like in Jazz?

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Jazz Of All Trades: The Eclectic Andre Previn

andre previn on album cover

Pianist Andre Previn landed in Hollywood as a teenage prodigy in the late 1940s and began a career that moved through the worlds of jazz, pop, classical, and movie scores

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Lennie Tristano: The Jazz Guru

Lennie Tristano in New York City, 1947

Pianist Lennie Tristano was a singular and charismatic modernist and mentor whose methods helped point the way for the rise of jazz education.

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Heard It On The TV: Jazz Takes On Television Themes

broadcast tv antenna

As television rocketed into the entertainment culture of mid-20th-century America, musicians and composers, many of them with jazz backgrounds, were called upon to write themes and cues for the wide variety of programs that populated the airwaves.

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Night Lights Blog

“No Time Like Now”: Music And Conversation With Vibraphonist Dick Sisto

dick sisto play xylophone

"Serious jazz musicians are into their music like it's a religion," says Sisto.

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A Day For Doris Day

Doris Day in 1946 at New York City’s Aquarium nightclub.

A tribute to Doris Day

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Playing Changes: Music And Conversation With Jazz Writer Nate Chinen

david chinen

Jazz critic Nate Chinen talks about his recent book "Playing Changes: Jazz For The New Century," and we hear music from some of the artists discussed as well.

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Jazz For Mad Men: Hits From The 1960s

jazz hits album cover

Night Lights salutes the critically-acclaimed television series MAD MEN this week with a program devoted to popular jazz from the era in which the show takes place.

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