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Black Tulip and the Delights of Arcadia

Black Tulip

Ensemble Black Tulip in concert, celebrating the delights of Arcadia, including pastoral solo cantatas by Handel and Alessandro Scarlatti.

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Ensemble Alkemie Unites Music and Magic

medieval alchemy lab

We’ll hear some ‘Alkemical’ medieval songs and dance,

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Piffaro “Back before Bach”

Piffaro in concert.

Excerpts from renowned renaissance band Piffaro's March 2018 Philadelphia concert.

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Hats Off to Hamburg

The painting View of Hamburg by Elias Galli, circa 1680.

This week on Harmonia, we travel to Germany’s thriving port city of Hamburg, a home for civic and church music for over a thousand years. Then, we’ll move from Hamburg to Genoa, Italy, where we’ll hear lute music by Simone Molinaro.

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Earthly Gardens

Gardens at Versailles.

Gardens surprise and enchant us. Their fragrant smells can arise in one place from sweet violets, and in another from perfectly trimmed hedges. This week, we take a stroll along the grand canal of the gardens at Versailles, and hear music from a manuscript shaped like a heart.

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Not That Dido!

From a painting of Aeneas and Dido.

Join us for settings of Dido’s lament that predated Purcell’s by nearly 200 years

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