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students with masks

The Delaware Community Schools took action after a football player at Delta High School tested positive for the virus several days ago. The school district is aware of only that one case.


Campus Bus will return to normal service level and boarding from the front on Aug. 17. BT will do the same beginning Aug. 24.

River Forest school hallway

Angie Vickery, director of special services for Anderson Community Schools, said she's worried expiring pandemic assistance will force even more students into unstable housing situations.

The sign for ArcelorMittal in Burns Harbor, Ind.

It’s been one year since a northwest Indiana steel facility’s spill into a Lake Michigan waterway — which killed about 3,000 fish and forced beaches to close temporarily.

The downtown Bloomington restaurant Lennie’s reopened Tuesday with slightly abbreviated hours after having its doors shut since March.

IU staff prepare to test students returning to campus on move-in day 2020.

If all goes according to plan, every Indiana University student will have been tested for COVID-19 before returning to campus this fall.

Iu football game

Big Ten Athletic Conference officials met Tuesday and voted to postpone the 2020 collegiate football season until spring due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

A CDC rendering of a microscopic image of the new coronavirus.

Previously, the ISDH had reported only one death on both Sunday and Monday; newly reported deaths occurred on both of those days bringing their current totals to six each.

Monday Radar

Almost 7,000 throughout Indiana are without power Tuesday after a powerful storm packing winds of up to 100 mph battered the region Monday.


Indianapolis businesses not following the city’s coronavirus restrictions will face a greater chance of fines as officials said Tuesday that they will ramp up enforcement.

I voted button

The fight over vote-by-mail continues in Indiana as Gov. Eric Holcomb and Republicans remain opposed to expanding the system for this year’s fall election.

Michael Penix Jr.

There was speculation that two of the five most powerful conferences — the Big Ten and the Pac-12 — might call off their seasons.

IU drive through testing

Indiana University students began moving in to on-campus residences Sunday as part of the university’s expanded Fall 2020 move-in process, which includes mandatory drive-through COVID-19 testing at Memorial Stadium.

A CDC rendering of a microscopic image of the new coronavirus.

Positive cases reported on Mondays tend to be lower than those reported on days prior due to weekend lulls. Testing dips during the weekends according to ISDH graphs.

An image of solar panels.

I&M spokesman Brian Bergsma could not point to one reason for the delay in construction.

Daleville school board

According to a state audit, IVS and IVPA wrongly received $68.7 million in state payments by improperly claiming students as enrolled between 2011 and 2019 even though they had no online course activity.


The Purdue University Board of Trustees has approved the purchase of a powerful new supercomputer from Dell that will support a wide range of research.

mask sign

The state announced more than 74,000 total confirmed cases over the last week – including four days with more than 1,000 reported cases – and more than 841,000 Hoosiers tested.

The inside of the newly-renovated Eskenazi Art Museum. Nov. 4, 2019.

After being closed for three years for a $30 million renovation, the museum reopened in late 2019 but closed again in March amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

No to WSP sign

Residents with the Cass County Citizens’ Coalition worry the zinc oxide manufacturing plant, owned by Waelz Sustainable Products, would emit dangerous amounts of lead and mercury into the air.

An aerial photo of the vandalism done to the Black Lives Matter Mural in Indianapolis.

The Indy10 Black Lives Matter group called the defacement of the downtown Indianapolis BLM mural another example of White supremacy and said its supporters would not be deterred.

A DNR conservation officer's boat on the water.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources said responders were dispatched around 6 p.m. Saturday to reports of a person being struck by a boat.

optum serve testing site

The Indiana State Department of Health said the state has had 74,328 cases and 2,835 deaths since the start of the pandemic. More than 841,000 tests have been administered in Indiana.


The incident happened around 8 a.m. Sunday on the ramp leading from Interstate 70 eastbound to Interstate 65 northbound. The ramp was expected to be closed for several hours during clean up efforts.


A Kosciusko County jury found Jammy Stacy of Elkhart guilty of one count of neglect of a dependent resulting in serious bodily injury. Stacy, 43, now faces up to 17 years in prison at her Aug. 31 sentencing.

Brown County State Park

Some Indiana campgrounds have been packed this summer with campers seeking a taste of the great outdoors following months of restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic.


Deputies said Cody Methanial Sargent, who was wanted for violating his probation in drug-related convictions, tried to hide and escape from officers by climbing up a fireplace chimney.

Lights flash red and blue on top of a police car,

The shots that Elias Donker, a reserve deputy with the Vigo County Sheriff’s Department, fired — one of which fatally wounded Errol K. Bolin — “were justified and legal under Indiana law,” County Prosecutor Terry Modesitt says.


Aside from a face coverings mandate for students in third grade and up, Indiana has no state requirements for if or how schools should open. It’s up to to local leaders to craft and follow their own back-to-school plans.


Indiana State University is postponing its football season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Alexander Rossi finished second in the 103rd running of the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, May 26, 2019.

Drivers will begin practicing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway next week for the “greatest spectacle in racing,” knowing that come race day the stands won’t be packed with people.


The state agency reported 1,036 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, following the 1,253 new cases reported Friday and 1,051 new cases reported Thursday.

NIPSCO's Michigan City coal plant.

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission cited the Northern Indiana Public Service Co. for instances of failing to locate or mark underground pipelines within two days of a request being made.

River Forest school hallway

Newly reopened schools have already reported infections just days into the academic year, triggering virus protocols that include swiftly isolating infected students, tracing their contacts and quarantining people they exposed.

People in Masks

Does the governor have authority to enforce a mask mandate? IU Health joins us for a COVID-19 update. How a local project is trying to keep eviction cases from going to court. And should universities reduce tuition?


A Kelley School of Business student launched a petition to persuade Indiana University to reduce the tuition rate after many classes moved online during the coronavirus pandemic.

all Hoosiers will have to wear a mask in public

Indiana is one of many states that has a mandatory mask order in place, but legal experts disagree on whether or not the governor has the authority to enforce it with criminal penalties.

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