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The Indiana House votes to effectively ban COVID-19 vaccine mandates, sending it to the Senate. Indiana hits one year since it fully vaccinated its first resident.

state that works

State agencies each year pass dozens of administrative rules – they’re often the nuts and bolts to keeping the state running.


Atterbury housed more than 7,200 evacuees that have found permanent homes in 45 different states. 

greene co hospital

A recent study by Becker’s Hospital Review found that nearly one in five healthcare workers nationally have left their jobs since February 2020.

Police lights

Investigators said a 2014 Volvo semitractor hit a silver 2004 Chrysler van that had stopped or was slowing in a southbound lane of U.S. 421. Crews were directing traffic while a tree service truck was completing work in the area.

A generic photo of people at a casino (gambling, betting, sports betting)

The state Gaming Commission this past week authorized Indiana casinos and mobile sports wagering operators to offer betting lines on seven Winter Olympic events.

Terre Haute exterior police station

U.S. Magistrate Judge Craig McKee scheduled Shane Meehan’s trial to begin March 28 at the federal courthouse in Terre Haute in last year’s killing of Officer Gregory Ferency, the Tribune-Star reported.


Terrance Lee Warren Jr., 24, was sentenced Thursday after a Marion County jury convicted him in November of two counts of murder and carrying a handgun without a license.


Richard Gray of Traverse City died Monday following the accident on the Walter J. McCarthy freighter, along the Gary, Indiana, lakeshore, WWTV-TV reported.

The IRS logo.

The department encourages taxpayers not to file their state tax returns before Monday or before they have gathered all necessary documentation. The agency says that trying to file without all documents can delay the process.

supreme court

In a 5-0 ruling issued Tuesday, the court found that the General Assembly did not run afoul of the free speech guarantees of either the Indiana Constitution or the U.S. Constitution when it enacted the law in 2019.

There's been no reprieve for hospitals, even when COVID cases aren't surging.

jan weather

The system will sweep through Indiana on Sunday morning with snowfall estimates of 1 to 2 inches in just a few hours in central Indiana before the early afternoon.

Bloomington farmers market

A federal court sided with the City of Bloomington this week in a lawsuit brought against the city by the owners of the Schooner Creek Farm.

greene co hospital

Rural hospitals are turning the Indiana National Guard for help. New partnerships are helping rural child care providers during the pandemic. And an IU expert fills us in on the latest situation on the Russian troops stationed on the Ukraine border.

This illustration, created at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reveals ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronaviruses. The illness caused by this virus has been named coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Monroe County also recorded 2 new deaths, bringing the pandemic total to 249.

Fewer people and resources in rural areas mean the challenges many providers face, like maintaining adequate staffing, are more difficult to find solutions for.

Paige Schank is the chief financial officer for the Tell City Electric Department. This isn't her typical morning; today she's using vacation time to volunteer at the center where her two kids come for care.

A shot of the door to the Monroe County Correctional Facility.

An IU student has been charged with attempted rape, strangulation, criminal confinement, sexual battery, battery resulting in bodily injury, resisting law enforcement, and minor possession of alcohol.

Bloomington Transit

Total bus ridership in December was 50-60 percent of that from December 2019. However, BT is considering doing away with these comparisons.

Miners in an underground West Virginia coal mine, 2006.

When Congress failed to pass the Build Back Better Act before the end of last year, it neglected to extend an excise tax on coal sold in the U.S. — which is the main source of revenue for the Black Lung Disability Trust Fund.

The Indiana Statehouse

Lawmakers try again on highway work zone speed cameras. No big abortion bills are coming this session. And a Senate committee approves the creation of smaller nuclear power plants.

Cynthia Long reported two instances of sexual abuse while she was incarcerated at the Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis.

The latest national data shows nearly 6,000 allegations of staff sexual misconduct in 2018 in federal and state prisons across the U.S. — up from 2,376 in 2012. The agency attributes the rise to new national reporting standards.


Donnelly is a Democrat who served six years in the U.S. House from a South Bend-area district before winning election to the Senate in 2012. He lost his 2018 reelection bid to Republican Mike Braun.

A sign for the Franklin referendum.

Supporters say it will help close funding gaps for charters, but critics worry it could stifle future referendum attempts.

Indiana Statehouse

The proposal would prohibit students who were born male but identify as female from participating in a sport or on an athletic team that is designated for women or girls.


Across the state, the story is similar. Isolation units are full of unvaccinated patients with COVID-19.

Students storm the court after IU defeats Purdue Thursday night at Assembly Hall.

The junior guard scored 17 points in the first half and then closed out a career-high 20-point game by making the go-ahead 3-pointer with 16.5 seconds left to send Indiana past No. 4 Purdue 68-65.

testing for covid

One Parks and Recreation employee and one CBU employee were linked to previous cases. 

rapid tests

With Thursday’s update from the Indiana Department of Health, Indiana surpassed 1.5 million confirmed COVID-19 cases.


Lawmakers want to make it easier for smaller, more advanced nuclear power plants to be built in Indiana.


Hoosiers from across the state gathered at the Indiana Statehouse Thursday to demand legislation to protect tenants. Organizers created Tenants Day of Action to give renters a way for their voices to be heard.

US supreme court

Indiana legislative leaders indicated Thursday the General Assembly will likely hold off on any major anti-abortion legislation this session.

Bloomington city hall

Resolution sponsors did propose a third amendment to spare the Climate Action and Resilience committee following last week’s discussion.

Rep. Greg Porter (D-Indianapolis) said there are better ways for Indiana government to spend $1 billion than on a tax cut and mostly helps businesses.

The bill, HB 1002, includes a mixture of business, utility and individual income tax cuts. The income tax cut would eventually save a Hoosier household making $56,000 a year about $128 in taxes.

 The House Education Committee unanimously passed HB1107 on Wednesday. It now heads to the full House for potential amendments and a vote.

On the tails of Britney Spears’ release from her father’s conservatorship, Indiana lawmakers are considering legislation that could prevent people with disabilities from unnecessarily entering into similar arrangements.

Senators Alting and Niemeyer discuss their bill creating a removal process for township trustees at a press conference in early January.

Last week, a House committee passed a bill that would give township boards more input on township budgets. On Thursday, a Senate committee passed a bill that would create a process for removing township trustees.

The state said Indiana schools' slight student increase comes largely from a 5.25 percent boost in kindergarten enrollment this school year.

In a news release, it said kindergarten enrollment grew this school year by a little more than 5 percent, as parents send their kids to schools for the first time after keeping them home because of COVID-19.

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