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U.S. Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.) talks to business owners in South Bend before a press conference to promote the RESTART Act bill he co-authored.

Young said Congress needs to evaluate the economic picture and more finely target its relief before passing another round of funding.

A CDC rendering of a microscopic image of the new coronavirus.

Two months ago, on May 6, ISDH reported 621 new positive cases and 43 deaths. Today, ISDH reported 330 new positive cases and 5 deaths.

The increase pushes the total cases among long-term care facility residents past 5,500.

terre haute prison

Attorneys for a man scheduled for execution next week have asked a federal judge to delay the sentence, over concerns about the coronavirus.

Attorney General Curtis Hill walks into the Indiana Supreme Court courtroom during the second day of his attorney disciplinary hearing, Oct. 23, 2019.

The spotlight is on incumbent Indiana Attorney Curtis Hill, who must convince delegates that he deserves a second term despite misconduct allegations.

purdue sign

Most COVID-19 tests use nasal swabs that have to be stuck far up the patient's nose and can take days to receive results.

Aaron Green addresses a demostration outside Seton Catholic church.

Last week, the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana suspended Father Ted Rothrock. Sunday’s protest was focused on healing and creating a space for conversations. 

Indianapolis will join Elkhart, LaGrange and St. Joseph counties in requiring face masks.

The Indiana State Department of Health reported 31 additional confirmed deaths over the weekend, bringing the state’s total to 2,500. The state announced more than 48,000 total confirmed cases.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

The museum says it has also stepped up cleaning protocols and improved the circulation of air through the facility in a bid to stem any spread of the novel coronavirus.


Nationwide protests over racial injustice since the May 25 police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis had Bunder reconsider the city’s ownership of the vehicle.


The dredging at a lagoon in Lafayette’s Columbian Park park is expected to be done in October. Crews started the $456,000 project in line with the third stage of the park’s $9.1 million improvement plan.


The initiative will support both internal and external programs.

Indiana Statehouse

The annual report shows that the number of abortions in Indiana fell by 400 to 7,637 during 2019. That decline came following two years of increases from the 7,280 abortions recorded in 2016 after several years of declines.

A CDC rendering of a microscopic image of the new coronavirus.

In a news release, the state’s health department said that an additional six people have died from COVID-19, bringing the total to 2,494 confirmed coronavirus deaths in Indiana.

The track and stands at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, May 2019.

In NASCAR, the colorful paint schemes on the stock cars themselves have taken a decidedly political turn in recent weeks — and will again this weekend.


The Massachusetts-based company is also planning to build another fish farm in Indiana that would produce up to 1,667 metric tons per month, or 20,000 tons per year.


Ronald Smith, 61, was in front of his truck about 1:50 p.m. Thursday sweeping debris from the right shoulder of the toll road in St. Joseph County when the SUV sideswiped the truck and hit him, according to state police.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Hendrick Motorsports said Johnson will not return until he is cleared by a physician. He was tested earlier Friday after his wife, Chani, tested positive after experiencing allergy-like symptoms.

Wildlife In Need

The owner of a roadside zoo in Oklahoma has three weeks to turn over medical records of four lion cubs transported to him from Indiana.

fireworks stand sign

The state is pressing pause on its reopening plan. Power companies can’t raise rates to recover revenue from lower energy demand. Craft breweries are adapting business models. And local fireworks sales are booming.

Switchyard Brewing

Like many industries across Indiana, the craft brewing business was booming until the coronavirus forced it to shut down for three months.

Kids at a middle school football practice (generic).

The Indiana High School Athletic Association announced offseason fall workouts will begin Monday, although athletes are limited to 15 hours per week on a school campus until at least July 19.

An image of Wabashiki Fish & Wildlife Area in Greencastle.

The nature area is a continuous project being coordinated with a pedestrian bridge across the river and a trail along the highway to the Dewey Point access of Wabashiki.

First grade students in a school classroom.

Families may receive more contact from health and school officials than normal this school year, as they work to track and prevent the spread of COVID-19 this fall.

The Indiana Statehouse at night.

The General Assembly sometimes delays implementation of new legislation to give more time to adjust to the law’s changes.

supreme court

In a statement, Indiana Right to Life – the state's leading anti-abortion organization – said it is "cautiously optimistic" the 7th Circuit will decide the cases differently this time.


The virus can be transmitted before the carrier exhibits symptoms, so even if you feel fine you should stay home for 14 days and monitor yourself for symptoms.

A CDC rendering of a microscopic image of the new coronavirus.

Monroe County's total COVID-19 case number rose by 7 to 263, and the county death toll remained the same at 28 for the seventh consecutive day. Data provided shows 7,814 Monroe County residents have been tested. 

A man half-wearing a medical mask stands outside Menard's.

Now that four counties in Indiana require the wearing of masks inside public places, several Monroe County residents are asking why local officials haven’t done the same.

An image of children boarding a school bus.

The Monroe County Community School Corporation approved guidelines for going back to school, and students will be required to wear masks going to, coming from and while in school.

Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind) appears on Fox News for "Tucker Carlson Tonight"

Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) said Thursday he will stop pushing his recent bill to reform qualified immunity protections for police without input from law enforcement.

The online Uplink system

According to data released Thursday, Indiana had, by far, the largest spike in new claims for unemployment assistance in the country last week.


The state is predicting worse air quality on Friday for 36 Indiana counties, including Monroe and Bartholomew counties.

Burns Harbor area

In an EPA memo, the agency said as states reopen, they're reducing the restrictions that make it difficult for industrial companies to comply with environmental laws.


The Monroe County Commissioners awarded the rest of the $400,000 fund set up for tourism-related businesses struggling because of the pandemic at a Wednesday meeting.

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