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A stethoscope

The Kokomo clinic was open two days a week. Howard County Commissioner Paul Wyman says VA bureaucrats have failed to properly serve veterans and local officials weren't informed of the closing.

peter thomas matthews

On this day in 1862, Peter Matthews of Monroe County, Indiana wrote in his diary about a review with more than 70,000 troops.


Indiana University researchers have identified a new potential target for triple negative breast cancer, one of the hardest breast cancers to treat.


A new international study with researchers from Indiana University School of Medicine has developed a better understanding of how a certain protein plays into neurodegenerative diseases.


Purdue University hopes to reduce unnecessary waste by replacing plastic straws with paper alternatives at its West Lafayette campus, which comes shortly after city officials took similar steps to cut down on plastic waste.

coal mine

The grant money aims to help to eliminate dangerous conditions and pollution caused by past coal mining.

bighead carp

The recent find of bighead carp in Salt Creek just below Lake Monroe's dam comes after silver carp have been found since at least 2015 in the dam's tailwaters.


Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg told voters Saturday that his marriage to his husband exists "by the grace of a single vote on the U.S. Supreme Court."

A graphic that says read the diary entries of Hoosier civil war soldier peter t matthews

On this day in 1862, a Hoosier from Monroe County wrote in his Civil War-era diary.

Webb Elementary School in Franklin

Students at Needham and Webb elementary schools in Franklin won’t return to the buildings until they’re deemed safe.

teacher banner

A Bloomington mother is pushing lawmakers to help get her son out of a Venezuelan prison. Attorney General Curtis Hill isn’t free of accusations he groped four women last March. And years of inadequate funding have increased pressure on teachers and public schools.

Exterior of 4th Street Bloomington city parking garage. Exterior looks aged and gray.

The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce is asking its members to sign a petition in support of the city building a new 4th Street Parking Garage.

The front page of the south bend tribune

Two Indiana police officers who repeatedly punched a handcuffed man have been charged with a civil rights crime.

A sign reads Indiana Workforce Development

Indiana’s unemployment rate once again remained unchanged in February, holding at 3.5 percent.

Stained glass interior dome of the indiana statehouse.

Lawmakers made it harder for Hoosiers to change the gender on their driver's license. A House panel revived gun regulation changes. And Attorney General Curtis Hill's law license is in jeopardy.

Attorney general curtis hill

Attorney General Curtis Hill’s initial response to a disciplinary complaint claims the Indiana Supreme Court doesn’t have grounds to punish him.

Paper straw

The new straws will be available at all campus dining locations next week.

A photo of peter matthews

On this day in 1862, a Hoosier Civil War soldier wrote in his diary about a rainy day spent with his regiment.

fire truck

The State Fire Marshal and the Lawrence County sheriff's department are seeking tips to find the person or persons who they say set six fires in area.

A group breaks ground on the Loogootee library.

The USDA awarded Loogootee a more than $1 million loan last year to help fund the project.

Todd Leininger

Todd Leininger has been in a Venezuelan prison for nearly five years.

A tweet from the Indiana State Teachers Association

Earlier this year, teachers at an Indiana school were shot with plastic pellets and injured during active shooter training. In response, the Teachers Union is calling on lawmakers for more regulation.

A satellite image of the Great Lakes, 2010

If climate policies don’t change, the Great Lakes will be a much less hospitable place for people and aquatic life. That’s one of the takeaways from a new report by more than a dozen universities.

Amy Adolay answers some of the legal questions employers have about handling substance abuse issues with employees

According to the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, as many as 50,000 Hoosiers seek treatment each year for a substance use disorder – and most of them are employed.

photo of a parking meter

Bloomington’s towing fee for illegally parked vehicles is almost doubling to a maximum of $125.

The Indiana House Chamber

The provisions would open the door to guns being allowed in churches on school property, putting that decision in the hands of the property owner – whether that’s the school or the church.

A sign for The Yellowwood hotel

The State and the former owner of a Brown County hotel have reached a settlement in a 2017 lawsuit stemming from a $350 fee charged to a customer who left a negative online review.

A graph showing deaths attributable to antimicrobial resistance every year compared to other major causes of death. The graph indicates that drug resistant microbes are projected to cause 10 million deaths a year by 2050.

Join us this week as we discuss the threat of antimicrobial resistance.

Kennedy and MLK

The Library of Congress announced Wednesday that Kennedy's April 4, 1968, speech is among 25 recordings being tapped for preservation this year because of their cultural and historic importance .

smoke detector

The Fire Marshal last year tracked 93 fatalities from home fires, a 29 percent increase from 72 recorded the previous year.

statehouse committee

The bill allows a Gary casino to move to a more desirable location in the city, creates a new Terre Haute casino, and legalizes sports wagering.

flu manual distinguishing the flu from other illnesses

Indiana hospital emergency rooms are overwhelmed with patients because of an unexpected spike in influenza activity.

Cummins manufacturing in Columbus

The engine manufacturer could implement the winning proposals at its facilities.

James Halcomb showing WTIU News reporter the scene of the possible mountain lion sighting.

State wildlife officials are investigating a southern Indiana family's report that a mountain lion killed their pet cat.

Parking lots surround the north and west sides of the current jail site.

A federal judge says Vigo County officials have less than a month to decide on a location for a new jail. The judge previously ruled conditions at the current jail violate the inmates’ constitutional rights.

Indiana statehouse at night

A House committee voted Wednesday to make it harder for Hoosiers to change the gender on their driver’s license at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

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