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St. James Chapel at Howe Military Academy

The boarding school for grades 7 through 12 will shutter after the current school year.

flu sign

The Marion County Public Health Department said Tuesday that Indianapolis' hospitals are seeing an "extremely high" number of people with the flu and respiratory complaints.


The deal calls for a 7.9 percent increase in operating revenues based on the utility's investment of more than $542 million in its water systems across the state.


The Indianapolis Zoo says a 6-year-old African elephant has died there following a brief illness.

CASA workers at the statehouse for CASA advocacy day.

Hundreds of Court Appointed Special Advocates, or CASAs, from around the state gathered at the Statehouse for their annual CASA advocacy day.

Advocates listen to a panel discussion at the statehouse Tuesday.

A panel discussion at the statehouse Tuesday featured activists who want public health resources to help fight the opioid epidemic.

A stethoscope

An annual report on the health of all 92 Indiana counties has been released.

John Hamilton answering questions

Watch our Facebook Live discussion with Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton.


Indiana will join 10 states where the governor and policymakers appoint both the top school official and all members of the state board of education.

Curtis Hill

The Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission is accusing state Attorney General Curtis Hill of professional misconduct following allegations he drunkenly groped a female lawmaker and three female legislative staffers at a bar.


This year's headliner will be the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds aerial demonstration team.


The sign unveiled this week in Indianapolis depicted someone holding a shredded balloon and read, "Balloons pollute and kill," followed by the hashtag "StopLitteringIMS."

Dakota Pipeline protest

A bill that could impose harsher penalties on protestors cleared its latest hurdle at the statehouse.

Amanda Barge and John Hamilton answering questions during a mayoral debate.

Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton and primary opponent Amanda Barge took questions from residents during a debate Monday night.

A stack of wood sits in the Yellowwood State Forest where logging is taking place.

The study highlights an increase in both the state’s timber acreage and yearly harvest over the last 50 plus years. Environmental groups worry about the study’s advice for expanding production.

An Indiana state police car

Indiana State Police are investigating an officer-involving shooting in western Indiana of a suspected drunken driver who allegedly used his truck to pin the officer against the officer's patrol car.

Lennies brewpub and bar

Lennie’s restaurant and brewpub is moving to Kirkwood Avenue after 30 years on 10th Street near the Indiana University Bloomington campus.

Sen. Jim Merritt seated in a statehouse committee room

The proposal would fund centers in northern, central and southern Indiana and address numerous components involved in recovery.

An eye dropper drops liquid into a bottle

As the hemp industry grows, so is the selling of CBD oil, but that could open the door to unscrupulous businesses wanting to make a quick buck.

Islamic State flag

Prosecutors have said they are still determining which confidential items they can share with attorneys defending an Indiana woman who is accused of providing tactical gear and funds to two Islamic State fighters.


Lake County has euthanized about 140 beavers from 2016 through 2018.

tornado damage

Indiana officials are urging Indiana residents to once again prepare themselves for severe weather as the turbulent spring weather season nears.

Neil Armstrong

An exhibit of astronaut Neil Armstrong's personal papers is opening at Purdue University ahead of the 50th anniversary of his famed walk on the moon.

peter matthews diary cover

On this day in 1862, Peter Matthews wrote about an exhausting day marching with his regiment to Alexandria.

Childrens museum

A fedora and glove Jackson wore onstage and a Jackson poster are no longer on display at the museum.

NeuroDiagnostic Institute

Indiana’s first new psychiatric hospital in decades has opened in Indianapolis. The NeuroDiagnostic Institute, or NDI will offer early diagnosis and advanced treatment to Hoosiers with serious psychiatric conditions.


A bill that would permit more medical providers to deny women care based on an ethical, moral or religious objection to abortion has been approved by the Indiana House.

Map showing the path for the limestone greenway trail

A new trail south of Bloomington is expected to be complete by the end of the year, and the Limestone Greenway is one piece of a much bigger plan.

peter thomas matthews and his diary

On March 17, 1862, a Hoosier from Monroe County wrote in his diary while serving in the band for the 19th Indiana Regiment.

A picture of peter matthews with the text the diary of peter t matthews a hoosier civil war soildier

On this day in 1862, Peter Matthews wrote in his diary about traversing bad roads to get to Fort Craig with his Union Army regiment.

Attendees walk around the CBD Midwest Expo Tour

As Indiana lawmakers debate legalizing production of hemp, business leaders and consumers gathered in Indianapolis for the CBD Midwest Expo.

Signs at the Youth Climate Strike

More than a hundred kids skipped class Friday to stand in the cold and ask lawmakers to do something about global climate change. It’s part of 120 such events planned around the country.

Still of Angel Mounds enactors

"You Are There 1939: Exploring Angel Mounds" transports visitors to the Hoosier state's biggest archaeological site

Former U.S. Senator Birch Bayh

A look back at the life and legacy of former U.S. Senator Birch Bayh. Payday loans – some call them necessary, others predatory. And the latest on the battle over school funding.

a woman with dark hair wearing a white shirt

Martinsville Mayor Shannon Kohl will not seek a second term. The Republican announced this week she’ll step aside when her term ends at the end of the year.


A new study shows hate crimes laws often aren’t utilized. House lawmakers change a school bus safety bill. And a Senate panel advances a bill to loosen restrictions on adoption advertising.

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