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Inquire Indiana

Monroe County Commissioners are drafting a new agreement with the city of Bloomington because of what they say are transparency issues surrounding the convention center expansion project.

Headmaster Dr. Stephen Shipp says Seven Oaks doesn’t believe in a one-to-one student to technology ratio. He says the grant funding won’t change that.

The Monroe County Health Department vaccinated more than 800 people for Hepatitis A this week.

As part of the Sustainability Action Plan, this year the city is trying to create a more resilient food network. 

Republican Rep. Randy Frye, of Greensburg, submitted a bill that would make Indiana Department of Veterans' Affairs employees ineligible for grants from the Military Family Relief Fund and would firmly cap the lifetime amount a person could receive at $2,500.

Mrs. Pence began teaching art to elementary students at Immanuel Christian School in Northern Virginia on Tuesday.

On January 15, 1862, Peter T. Matthews wrote in his diary about participating in a sword ceremony for a Lieut. Col. Cameron.

Faegre Baker Daniels Consulting announced Tuesday that Messer will be co-leader of its federal advocacy group and advise businesses and others nationwide on federal regulatory and policy developments.

Gov. Eric Holcomb wants to free up $140 million for schools over the next two years as a way to potentially boost teacher pay.

City workers got through the first snow storm of the season, Thursday will be the first architect meeting on the convention center expansion and the mayor's next step in city-wide high speed broadband.

An engineering consultant is coming up with a plan to make repairs to Bloomington's Fourth Street parking garage so it can last at least another five years.

Nearly two-thirds of Indiana’s high schoolers earn college credit before they graduate and that could be a key step toward closing achievement gaps for low-income and minority students.

The executive director of the Lotus education and arts foundation is stepping down Tuesday after five years leading the organization.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into an inmate death at the United States Penitentiary in Terre Haute.

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