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June 9, 2024


Bear in the dark

Night Visitor

Doris Lynch reads "In the Wee Hours," "Night Swimming," "Beneath the Voices of Ravens," "Night Duties for Trees," "Sangre de Cristo Mountains," and "Night Visitor."

More Recent Episodes

June 2, 2024


Close up of an eye

Your Eye in My Mind

Laurie Higi reads "Your Eye in My Mind!," "Dolly Parton and the Backs of My Ears," "The Burn Hidden by the Horizon," "A Task Without Praise," and "Just What I Could Fit in My Pockets."


May 26, 2024


Bluegill fish in a pool of water

Suspended Bluegill

Josh Brewer reads "Roll Jordon," “Suspended Bluegill,” “When a calendar,” “When words are data,” and “When she feigned appetite.”


May 19, 2024


Small tan bunny rabbit

Honey Bunny

Patsy Rahn reads "Honey Bunny" and "Fences."


May 12, 2024


Tick biting human skin


Daniel Lassell reads "Lyme," "On the Fellowship of Rabies," and "Blood Lungs."


May 5, 2024


Dandelion seeds releasing against the blue sky

Taraxacum officinale

Antonia Matthew reads “Taraxacum officinale,” “Evening coming on,” “Unfurled,” and “Matisse’s Studio.”


April 28, 2024


Teacher marking paper

The List

Lori Hoevener reads "The List," "Eclipsed," and "Kasey."


April 21, 2024


World map


Shana Ritter reads "In these New Times," "Mapping," and "the tides of my heart."

April 14, 2024


Book on a windowsill

It Started to Rain

Eric Rensberger reads "Words," "It Started to Rain," "A Cursing," and "Attention."

April 7, 2024


Stone skipping across a pond

What Would Thoreau Do?

Tony Brewer reads "Tea Party of Grief," "Maximum Dog," "Strong Female Character," "Seeing Things," "What Would Thoreau Do?," and "Manual for Fixing."

March 31, 2024


Rabbit peaking from behind some grass.

Rabbit Mysteries

Antonia Matthew reads "Rabbit Mysteries," "Come outside into the sunshine," and "March 23rd, 2020."

March 24, 2024


Michael Luis Dauro_b&w

Woman With No Name

Michael Luis Dauro reads selections from the "Woman With No Name."

March 17, 2024


Icarus, blue supergiant

Icarus Superstar

Hiromi Yoshida reads "Icarus Superstar," "Icarus Ekphrasis," and "Icarus | Epicanthus."

March 10, 2024


Austin Davis 1

Healing is Lonely

Austin Davis reads from his book Compulsive Swim: "Layla and Her Kids" and "Act 3 poem VI," plus a new poem "healing is lonely."

March 3, 2024


Picking wildflowers, sun low in sky

A Sad Dusk

Shana Ritter reads "Poems from the other side," "A sad dusk," and "Wildflowers."

February 25, 2024


Praying mantis lying on the ground

Dying Mantis

Josh Brewer reads "When I place talismans," “Dying Mantis,” “This Week in Northern Ireland,” and “The Bakeries of Warsaw.”

February 18, 2024


Room packed full of items, hoarder's den

The God of Disappearances

Eric Rensberger reads "Reading," "A Deity," and "Historical Imagination."

February 11, 2024


Erica Anderson Senter 3

Qualifications for a Lover

Erica Anderson-Senter reads "Qualifications for a Lover," "This is How a Poet Gets Over Heartbreak," and "To the Red-Bellied Woodpecker in my Neighborhood."

February 4, 2024


Person walking dog in woods with sunbeams

Day Light Savings Time

Shana Ritter reads "Day Light Savings Time," "avenoir," "Branches," and "Redemption."

January 28, 2024


Hand taking family picture with cell phone

Family Pictures

Lori Hoevener reads "Risk," "A Bracelet of Memories," and "Family Pictures."

January 21, 2024


1% Moon drowned in the Sun's radiation

You, Moon!

Laurie Higi reads "You, moon!," "A Little Less Gravity," "This Constellation Life," and "Chasing Venus."

January 14, 2024


Austin Davis 2

Compulsive Swim

Austin Davis reads from his latest book Compulsive Swim: "Act 1 poem I," "Act 1 poem VII," and "Act 2 poem III."

January 7, 2024


Garbage and recycling bins at the curb.

Our Solemn Debris

Tony Brewer reads "Our Solemn Debris," "Elon Musk is not vegan but Teslas are," "O Bury Me Not," and "Our Origin."

December 31, 2023


Moving walkway at an airport

The Moving Walkway is Coming to an End

Josh Brewer reads "Grounds," “Reincarnation is Broken,” “Interpolation,” “When is a will, whether,” and “The Moving Walkway is Coming to an End.”

December 24, 2023


Anatomy, the package

The Package

Patsy Rahn reads "Books," "Evolution," "Ode to Joy," "In this Moment of Good Night," and "The Package."

December 17, 2023


Cabin covered in snow

Eric Rensberger's Wintery Mix

Eric Rensberger reads "Note to Self," "The Blizzard," "Of the Flakes," and "Snow in Three Parts."

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