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September 17, 2023


Dipping fingers in a lake

Soft Pliancy of Water

Bronislava Volkova reads "Old women are invisible in our spheres," "Another end has come to visit my home," and "The soft pliancy of water."

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September 10, 2023


Antonia Matthew

My Backyard is Empty and Silent

Antonia Matthew reads "My backyard is empty and silent" and "Sonnet in the time of plague."


September 3, 2023


Patsy Rahn

Into Life

Patsy Rahn reads "A History Lesson," "Into Life," "After All," and "Living As If."


August 27, 2023


Austin Davis 3 head/shoulders

Morning Swim

Austin Davis reads "Lotus and Insomnia," "Morning Swim," and poem VIII from Act 3 of his book Compulsive Swim.


August 20, 2023


People, backlit, walking away.

Love, I No Longer Recognize You

Bronislava Volkova reads "Love, I no longer recognize you," "Don’t leave me," "When I think of it how my relatives," and "I fly like a bird with no place to land."


August 13, 2023


Erica Anderson Senter 1

A Glossary of River Words

Erica Anderson-Senter reads "Portrait of a Summer Night: A Mother Highlighted," "A Glossary of River Words - A story of loss," and "How to Leave a Chicago Bar after a Panic Attack Around 11 AM."


August 6, 2023


Poet Laurie Higi

Butterflies and Empty Books

Laurie Higi reads "Butterflies and Empty Books," "Open to Your Dew," "Canada in Common," "More Vulnerable than Me," and "Infinite Navy Blue Ocean."


July 30, 2023


Tony Brewer 1

Lethal Aid

Tony Brewer reads "Lethal Aid," "Fractured," and "Byproduct of Divorce #87: The Laundromat."

July 23, 2023


Indianapolis Intl Airport tower

I Sing to Myself While Driving to Indianapolis Airport

Lisa Kwong reads "Childhood Fade in Litany," "I Sing to Myself While Driving to Indianapolis Airport," and "S'mores and Smoke."

July 16, 2023


Cattle skull against the night sky

Not the Moon But a Cattle Skull

Michael Luis Dauro reads selections from his poem "Woman With No Name."

July 9, 2023


Rachel Ronquillo Gray

Girl as Full Moon

Rachel Ronquillo Gray reads "Girl as Teenage Rebellion," "Good Girl Gone Rogue," "Girl As Full Moon," and "Girl as America the Beautiful."

July 3, 2023


Austin Davis 4

You Could Never See Me

Austin Davis reads "Lotus and Hallucinations" from his book Lotus and the Apocalypse.

June 25, 2023


Anatomy, the package

The Package

Patsy Rahn reads "Books," "Evolution," "Ode to Joy," "In this Moment of Good Night," and "The Package."

June 18, 2023


Bento Box

Lunch Hour

Hiromi Yoshida reads "Mother of Icarus" and "Lunch Hour."

June 11, 2023


Bobo2 Jayhawk inkblot

The Land of Cockaigne

Emily Bobo reads "The Tale about the Land of Cockaigne." The original version of this tale is a brag where each line is a bigger lie about how great the Land of Cockaigne was.

June 4, 2023



Those On the Other Side

Bronislava Volkova reads "Dog" and "Farewell to My Sweet Kushi" from her 2023 book Where Everyone Leaves Never to Return.

May 28, 2023


Lisa Kwong

An AppalAsian Finds Home

Lisa Kwong reads "An AppalAsian Finds Home in Bloomington, Indiana" and "Searching for Wonton Soup."

May 21, 2023


Michael Luis Dauro_b&w

Woman With No Name

Michael Luis Dauro reads selections from the "Woman With No Name."

May 14, 2023


Carrie Newcomer_1

I'm Learning To Sit With Not Knowing

Carrie Newcomer reads "What You Won't Hear on Cable News" and "I'm Learning to Sit with Not Knowing."

May 7, 2023


Bobo1 Pig Boy inkblot

How Some Children Played at Slaughtering

Emily Bobo reads her re-telling of a fairytale about how some children watched their father slaughter a pig, then imitated him in play.

April 30, 2023


Kelly and Zack from Saved by the Bell

Kelly Kapowski Unplans a Pregnancy

Rachel Ronquillo-Gray reads "Kelly Kapowski Unplans a Pregnancy," "Kelly Kapowski Gets an Abortion," and "Kelly the Killer Kapowski."

April 23, 2023


Austin Davis 1

Healing is Lonely

Austin Davis reads from his book Compulsive Swim: "Layla and Her Kids" and "Act 3 poem VI," plus a new poem "healing is lonely."

April 16, 2023


Icarus, blue supergiant

Icarus Superstar

Hiromi Yoshida reads "Icarus Superstar," "Icarus Ekphrasis," and "Icarus | Epicanthus."

April 9, 2023


Illustration of brain within a woman's silhouette

Narrative is the Native Tongue of the Brain

Nancy Chen Long reads “Your Brain Doesn’t Contain Memories—It is Memories,” "Narrative is the Native Tongue of the Brain," and "Echo."

April 2, 2023


Red envelope

My Mother Who Dared Beyond Tai Shan

Lisa Kwong reads "Poem for My Mother Who Dared Beyond Tai Shan."

March 26, 2023


Austin Davis 2

Compulsive Swim

Austin Davis reads from his latest book Compulsive Swim: "Act 1 poem I," "Act 1 poem VII," and "Act 2 poem III."

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