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Do you need to get a message or an important guest out live to a television network, university, or corporate location? Do you need to pull down a satellite feed?

Radio-TV Services can do either at a snap. We can also stream content to the web, whether that be live or anytime.

RTVS offers HD 1080i fiber transmission (2-way).  The fiber transmission path is from RTVS master control (on the Bloomington campus) to sister PBS affiliate WFYI-Indianapolis.  WFYI can turnaround fiber transmission to “The Switch” for outbound worldwide reach.

We are also able to offer fiber solutions to get a live signal from any IU Bloomington or IUPUI campus building back to Radio-TV Services’ Television Master Control.

IU Radio & Television Services is the professional audio, video, and event support production unit within Indiana University.

Utilizing the highest quality production equipment and practices, we work with a wide range of clients to create videos, audio, web, and event support elements – for broadcast, live web streaming, file creation, disc creation, and any other possible means of transmission and distribution.

Since 1950, our award-winning work has been recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the TELLY Awards, the Society of Professional Journalists, the Edward R. Murrow Awards, and countless other festivals and organizations.

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