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April 29, 2021


Colorful pinwheel

Thinking About Color

It's is a good idea to think about color before you buy a bunch of news plants in springtime.


April 22, 2021


Cold-tolerant annuals

Righting Wrongs

Springtime = Transplant, delete, cut back.


April 15, 2021


Pieris japonica

Lily-of-the-Valley Bush

All Pieris shrubs are evergreen and are related to rhododendrons and mountain laurels.


April 8, 2021


Calycanthus floridus

Calycanthus floridus

Calycanthus is a fine sweet shrub that also goes by the name of Carolina allspice.


April 1, 2021


Black chokeberries

Native Aronia

Our native red and black chokeberry shrubs provide four seasons of interest and are drought tolerant once they are established in gardens


March 25, 2021


Spicebush swallowtail caterpillar

Native Spicebush

Lindera is a host plant for the promethean moth and the spicebush swallowtail butterfly.


March 18, 2021


Various shrubbery

Siting Shrubs

Shrubs are easy-care and long-lived stalwarts in our landscapes in all seasons of the year.

March 11, 2021


Avoiding chaotic garden beds

Avoiding Chaos

How do we avoid a messy medley of too many plants creating chaos in the garden? I can tell you from personal experience that it isn’t easy!

March 4, 2021


CPB inspection of imported roses


Now, only about 20% of our cut flowers are grown in California, Washington State, and Oregon, where most used to be grown for domestic sale.

February 25, 2021


harvested flowers in buckets

Harvesting Flowers

Where do our cut flowers come from? Often, South America. Workers in greenhouses cut each stem individually and immediately place each flower in a bucket of water...

February 18, 2021


Flowers at market

Flower Longevity

Refrigerated trucks and unheated holds of planes are cold, helping cut flowers from abroad to stay fresh during their journey to the U.S.

February 11, 2021


Red roses with bow

Valentines Flowers

Over one-hundred million roses are purchased in the United States for Valentine’s Day each year, and nearly all are red and long stemmed.

February 4, 2021


Snow-covered trees

Winter Landscapes

What we see from our windows all through the cold days of winter is our garden’s architectural structure formed by the trees and shrubs that are the long-term residents of our gardens year round.

January 28, 2021


Azaleas, henry mitchell

Henry Mitchell Says...

For twenty years Henry Mitchell’s column “Earthman” was a weekly feature in The Washington Post.

January 21, 2021


Purple African violet bloom

African Violet Propagation

African violets are quite happy growing in pots in many of our homes and are easily propagated.

January 14, 2021


Map of the Gardens at Duke University

The Duke Gardens

Visitors are not charged to see the 55 acres of gorgeous organic plantings in the heart of this major research university.

January 7, 2021


Emily Dickinson house, view from the garden.

Emily's Garden

Emily Dickinson was a renowned poet, but during her lifetime she was known more for her gardening skills.

December 31, 2020


'Dainty Bess' climbing rose

Flowers in Verse

Here are few poems written, most of them, very long ago.

December 24, 2020


Holiday cactus

Holiday Cactus

There has been so much hybridizing, that the differences between a Thanksgiving and a Christmas cactus have become blurred, so it seems reasonable to refer to them all as Holiday Cactuses nowadays.

December 17, 2020


Holiday arrangement

Holiday Decorations Reinvented

This may be the perfect year to simplify our holiday decorations. Rather than buying new items, dig around in your closets and see what you can reinvent.

December 10, 2020


gift certificates

Gifts for Gardeners

If you have gardeners on your holiday gift list, you can easily accommodate them from the comfort of your own home. Gift certificates to nurseries in the hometown of your recipients, or from catalogues, are always well received.

December 3, 2020


Clivia houseplant

Clivia Care

Most clivia plants produce orange flowers, but you can impress a gardener by ordering a clivia for them as a holiday gift that produces yellow blooms, as yellow is quite rare and treasured by knowledgeable gardeners.

November 26, 2020


planning and accessing squirrel

Assessing & Planning

As we look back on the gardening season, we can assess what worked and what didn’t – our successes and challenges in the garden.

November 19, 2020


Autumn yard rake

Fall Clean-Up

In the fall, I leave a few cone flowers and sunflowers for the birds, otherwise I cut spent flowers right to the ground and clean up the debris. I want the beds clear before the spring daffodils and other bulbs bloom.

November 12, 2020


Layering bulbs

Planting Bulbs

My garden is very crowded, and so in the fall, I am always wondering where I can plant more spring bulbs without cutting into the existing ones.

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