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Latest Ether Game

March 2, 2021


Ether Game: March Comes in like a Lion

Submit answers for tonight's game. Collect hints and answer bonus trivia. Become King of the Jungle.


Ethercast: How Hard is it to Write a Symphony?

Most composers haven't written that many of them. Is that because they are harder to write than your average piece?

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Ethercast: Our Top Five Shows of 2019


Join the Ether Game Brain Trust for a look back at our favorite podcast moments in 2019

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Ethercast: Classical Comforts


In celebration of the Christmas spirit, the Ether Game Brain Trust looks back at our Hygge themed Ether Game and presents an extra round of quizzing!

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Why Don't Classical Musicians Improvise?

sheet music

Join the Ether Game Brain Trust in exploring the history of improvisation in classical music and its departure from the tradition.

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The Ether Game Brain Trust's Top Five Musical Mix-ups

finger print

Just because a composer's name is written on the music doesn't mean they wrote it! Explore five moments when history got it wrong.

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Why Should You Listen to Saint-Saëns' Organ Symphony?


Find out how the theme of Camille Saint-Saëns' 3rd Symphony endured for a century

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The Ether Game Brain Trust's Top 5 Classical Music Duels

fencing duel

This week the Brain Trust picks 5 epic duels in classical music

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What is the Most Famous Piece of Classical Music?

gold record

What piece is the top dog in classical music? We try to figure it out on this week's Ethercast

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Older stories »

ether game

A Little Water Music: Ether Game Playlist

This week on Ether Game, it's cake, streamers and a round of the Hallelujah Chorus for G. F. Handel. We celebrated his 336th birthday.

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Celebrity Jeopardy: Ether Game Playlist

This week on Ether Game, we hob-nobbed with the rich and famous! Browse our playlist of classical music featuring celebrities.

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In Observance: Ether Game Playlist

This week we celebrated Black History Month with a show of music by Black composers and performers.

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Marmota Monax: Ether Game Playlist

The Ether Game Brain Trust celebrates Groundhog Day and tries to discover if it is stuck in a time loop. Browse our playlist to celebrate the holiday.

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Color Wheel: Once in a Blue Moon

We spun the color wheel again this month and landed on blue! Browse our Ether Game playlist for blue themed classical music.

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Devil in the Details: A Faustian Ether Game Playlist

This week, we dug deep into the underworld with a playlist about the legend of Dr. Faust and classical music

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Ether Game this evening on WFIU2

Join us for an archival broadcast with former host Mark Chilla on WFIU2, as we continue to follow live coverage from NPR on our main channel.

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On This Operatic Day: Ether Game Playlist

Join us as we remember the inauguration of the national opera house in Paris, on this day in 1875.

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