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Latest Ether Game

July 14, 2020


Vive la France! Bonus Questions and Hints

Need a reminder for a bonus question or extra hints for tonight's game? Read on.


Ethercast: How Hard is it to Write a Symphony?

Most composers haven't written that many of them. Is that because they are harder to write than your average piece?

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Ethercast: Our Top Five Shows of 2019


Join the Ether Game Brain Trust for a look back at our favorite podcast moments in 2019

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Ethercast: Classical Comforts


In celebration of the Christmas spirit, the Ether Game Brain Trust looks back at our Hygge themed Ether Game and presents an extra round of quizzing!

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Why Don't Classical Musicians Improvise?

sheet music

Join the Ether Game Brain Trust in exploring the history of improvisation in classical music and its departure from the tradition.

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The Ether Game Brain Trust's Top Five Musical Mix-ups

finger print

Just because a composer's name is written on the music doesn't mean they wrote it! Explore five moments when history got it wrong.

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Why Should You Listen to Saint-Saëns' Organ Symphony?


Find out how the theme of Camille Saint-Saëns' 3rd Symphony endured for a century

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The Ether Game Brain Trust's Top 5 Classical Music Duels

fencing duel

This week the Brain Trust picks 5 epic duels in classical music

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What is the Most Famous Piece of Classical Music?

gold record

What piece is the top dog in classical music? We try to figure it out on this week's Ethercast

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Older stories »

ether game

Gustav's Birthday Bash

This week, the Ether Game Brain Trust wishes Gustav Mahler one hundred and sixty Happy Returns!

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Second Thoughts

;Revisions, 2nd drafts, family drama, good old fashioned procrastination...there are hundreds of reasons why a piece of music performance can get delayed. Check out nine of those reasons with this week's Ether Game playlist.

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Long Weekend

Some composers do there best work while away from work. Take a couple days off with Ether Game's vacation-themed playlist

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Mixed Media

Ether Game prepares the paint tray, opens the sketchbook, puts on dance shows, rolls the camera and raises the curtain with a playlist about classical music combined with other media.

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As the leaves come in and the flowers bloom, Ether Game hides, blends in, and disappears into a playlist about classical camouflage

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The Grand Tour

Start in Dover and end in Flanders with the Ether Game Brain Trust as we follow an age-old itinerary across Europe.

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The Lady with the Lamp

Celebrate the 200th birthday of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, with our medicinal playlist

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Mole Poblano

Ether Game celebrates Cinco de Mayo!

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