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Study: For A Cooler Planet, Eat Less Meat

A study published this week puts decreased meat consumption at the forefront of climate change solutions.

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Researchers Fight Malnutrition With Fortified Wheat

A USDA program is developing wheat that draws more nutrients from the soil as it grows to improve global health.

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Study Blames Diet For Hypertension Among Black Americans

Fried chicken, mac and cheese and sweet drinks: A study suggests Southern cuisine may be at the center of a tangled web of reasons why black people are more prone to hypertension than white people.

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Cornell Food Researcher’s Downfall Raises Larger Questions For Science

Brian Wansink made a name for himself producing pithy, palatable studies that connected people's eating habits with cues from their environment. His data manipulation now serves as a cautionary tale.

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Apples Or Fries With That?

Even though many fast-food chain restaurants are offering healthier sides, a new report says parents choose them only about half the time, and restaurants aren't consistent in how they offer them.

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Maine Asks Restaurant to Stop Giving Lobsters Cannabis

The owner of the eatery says she's giving compassionate cannabis to the crustaceans so that they don't feel pain. But the state isn't sure the practice is in line with health regulations.

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Swiss Voters Surprise with “No” On Food Proposals

The Swiss rejected two proposals last week that called for government support of Swiss family farms and endorsement of ethically produced food.

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Chef Erika’s Watermelon Shakes

Start with fresh watermelon, and add the fruits and herbs of your choice, for a refreshing beverage, straight from the garden.

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Jackie Bea’s Persimmon Lamb Curry

It's not an authentic curry, from an Indian or Thai tradition--it's built from what's on hand, and customized to your tastes.

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Jackie Bea’s Persimmon Salad Dressing

Here's a quick and savory idea for persimmon purée: mix it in with your vinaigrette!

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Karen Washington’s Swiss Chard and White Beans

This dish comes to us from urban farmer and food justice activist Karen Washington. And, it checks off all the boxes of what makes a recipe worth returning to again and again.

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Chef D’s French Lentil Salad

Pair this salad with a mess of greens and a slice of whole grain bread, and you've got a complete meal.

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Jackie Bea’s Brussels Sprout Slaw

Serve this slaw warm or cool, and consider making extra to enjoy throughout the week.

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Chef D’s Freekeh Salad With Apples and Cheddar

This salad can serve as a complete meal. Enjoy it with aged cheddar, or make it vegan by substituting an almond cheddar.

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