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April 8, 2020


greene co hospital

Update: How Hospitals Are Preparing For Influx Of COVID-19 Cases

Join us this week as we talk about what hospitals are doing to prepare to treat COVID-19 patients as numbers rise throughout the state.

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Noon Edition airs Friday at 12:06 p.m. on WFIU 1.

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April 2, 2020


closed sign

How To Adjust To Uncertainties COVID-19 Brings

Join us this week as we discuss how to cope with the stresses COVID-19 brings to day-to day life and planning for the future.


March 24, 2020


empty kirkwood

Local Response To The Novel Coronavirus

Join us this week as we discuss local government efforts to adjust to pressures the novel coronavirus has put on the community.


March 19, 2020


IU Bloomington Hospital

How Are Hospitals Preparing To Treat Increasing Cases Of Coronavirus?

Join us this week as we given an update on the coronavirus in Indiana and what our health systems are doing to slow its spread.


March 11, 2020



Update On The Coronavirus In Indiana

Join us this week for an update on the coronavirus in the state and what Hoosiers can expect in the coming weeks.


March 5, 2020



Local Leaders Talk Potential Sustainability Tax

Join us this week as we discuss a possible local income tax to create a Sustainability Investment Fund.


February 26, 2020



Awareness Of Women's Health Needs As They Age

Join us this week as we talk about awareness of women's health needs as they age.


February 20, 2020


credit cards

Federal Reserve Report: U.S. Credit Card Debt At An All-Time High

Join us this week as we talk about credit debt why Americans are having trouble paying it back on time.

February 13, 2020


love scupture

Realistic In Love: Younger Generations Delay Marriage, Online Dating Is Up

Join us this week as we talk about modern trends in romantic commitment.

February 6, 2020


talking while driving

Indiana Could Soon Pass A Hands-Free Driving Law

Join us this week as we talk about legislation that could make it illegal to hold a cell phone and drive.

January 29, 2020


handwashing sign

Coronavirus In Indiana: Where The Virus Is Now And How To Prevent Its Spread

Join us this week as we discuss the Coronavirus and how it's affecting dynamics on a global and local scale.

January 23, 2020


Bloomington Transit bus

Bloomington Transit Considers Changes To Bus Routes

Join us this week as we discuss coming changes to bus routes in Bloomington and the city's transportation needs.

January 16, 2020



IU Experts Talk About Recent Events Between The U.S. And Iran

Join us this week as we discuss recent events between the U.S. and Iran following the killing of a high ranking Iranian military leader in a U.S. drone strike at Baghdad’s international airport.

January 7, 2020


kate rosenbarger

Bloomington's New City Council Members Talk About The Coming Year

Join us this week as we talk with Bloomington's four new city council members about their goals for 2020.

January 2, 2020



2019 Legislative Session Review

Join us this week as we review the 2019 Legislative Session and look ahead to 2020.

December 26, 2019


bloomington lights

Reporters and Editors Talk Indiana's Top Stories From 2019

Tune in this week as our hosts talk with reporters and editors in the state about the top stories in Indiana for 2019.

December 18, 2019



As Shoppers Spend More Online, Retailers Adapt

With holiday spending hitting record highs this winter, join us this week as we discuss consumer habits and how retailers are adapting.

December 9, 2019


image of 18th president of IU, Michael Mcrobbiel

IU President McRobbie Talks About The University's Bicentennial Plans

Join us this week as we talk to Indiana University President Michael McRobbie about IU's Bicentennial, which begins next month, and what's to come for the university.

December 4, 2019


Image of the ROI housing study

The Regional Opportunity Initiatives' Work In The Indiana Uplands

Join us this week as we talk with members of the Regional Opportunity Initiatives about its progress and key areas of development in the Indiana Uplands.

November 27, 2019


image of ice crystals

Talking To Local Non-Profit Leaders About The Winter Season

This week on Noon Edition, different leaders from local nonprofits came to discuss community engagement during the winter and year-round.

November 15, 2019


image of NE cliamte

Join Us LIVE at Inkwell To Talk About Climate Change

Bloomington area residents have been submitting questions to our City Limits Series since the Sept. 20th climate strike wanting to know what can be done to combat climate change on an individual and city level. We're hosting a Noon Edition live at Inkwell on the 22nd to try to answer some of them.

November 7, 2019


segment of Berlin Wall

The 30th Anniversary Of the Fall Of the Berlin Wall

Join us this week as we discuss the historical significance of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

October 29, 2019


Image of B-Line Heights apartments

The Bloomington Housing Study

Join us this week as we discuss the Bloomington Housing Study and what the city's needs will be as the population expands.

October 24, 2019


Image of stethoscope

Lawmakers Consider Expanding The Role Of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Join us this week as we discuss the availability of healthcare practitioners in the state and potential solutions.

October 17, 2019


Activists with banner in Dunn Meadow

What Happens Now After Last Month's Climate Strikes?

Join us this week for a conversation about recent climate strikes and what the future holds.

October 10, 2019


Senator Mike Braun rallies with President Donald Trump in Indianapolis in 2018.

The Trump Impeachment Inquiry And Its Political Implications

Join us this Friday to as we discuss the political implications of the impeachment inquiry on President Trump.

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