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November 24, 2023




From source to sea, the course of a river can provide life and explain it, as well.


November 17, 2023


Hey Brothers Ice Cream Clock.


Will the words "summer vacation" become like phone booths and trading stamps, ceasing to have any real meaning in the everyday lives of Americans?


November 10, 2023


postcard of planetarium

Moon and Stars

When space is referred to as the “final frontier,” does that imply that we need to explore it to better control it or rather strive to understand it so to better control ourselves?


November 3, 2023


Philosopher's Press.


Happiness is a feeling rather than an equation because we can never solve it the same way twice.


October 27, 2023



Solstice '65

Reflections on the summer of 1965 in story and song.


October 20, 2023


L. Clyde Caldwell.


The image of a single disc jockey broadcasting lonely and live from a small radio station in the overnight hours - as epic an American icon as the cowboy.


More episodes coming soon

Porchlight with Tom Roznowski offers WFIU listeners a weekly invitation to visit the familiar and the forgotten through recorded song, original story, and the occasional everyday expert.

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