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Memory Chain

The Picnic

Tom Roznowski hosts this evocative new series that transports "The Weekly Special" back in time. "The Picnic" examines the history of the Cirkut Camera.

Produced and Directed by:  Susanne Schwibs

Written and Narrated by: Tom Roznowski

Photographs provided by The Indiana Historical Society

Special Thanks:

Cirkut Photography by Richard Malogorski, Costumes by Lara Southerland Berich and Dana Tzvetkov, Music by Tom Berich, Site location provided by Nancy Krueger and Brian Garvey.  Additional thanks to  Steve Haller, Susan Sutton, Dorothy Nicholson, Tom Zoss, Eric Garabrant, Aut Phanthavong, and all volunteers.  Thank you.

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