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Earth Eats celebrates 15 years!


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Earth Eats is celebrating its 15th anniversary! Founded by Annie Corrigan, the show began as a series of short segments covering food news and featured recipes from chef Daniel Orr. Over time, it gathered more voices (and more cooks!) as people were inspired by the magic and potential of local food, sustainable agriculture, and honest storytelling.

Take a walk down memory lane and enjoy these 15 moments from the Earth Eats archives:

  1. On tour at the White Violet Center for Eco-Justice

    This first piece was chosen by current host and producer Kayte Young to honor the White Violet Center's many appearances on the show over the years. In this episode, hear an early interview from Annie Corrigan as garden manager Candace Minster shows her around the gardens and introduces us to the alpacas.

  2. Turkey Time - What it takes to bring local birds to local dinner tables.

    Another early episode takes us on a tour of Schacht Farm, as farmer Mandy Corry shares the ins and outs of raising 900 free-range turkeys. If nothing else, tune in to the halfway point of this episode to hear to the fascinating call-and-response between Corry and her hundreds of birds! We promise it's worth the listen.

  3. The Persimmons are Falling!

    The Briggs moved to southern Indiana in the winter of 2010. They found a house they wanted to buy, "And the realtor said to me, 'Oh and there's a persimmon tree in the backyard, too.' I'm from Boston. What do I know from persimmons."

    Little did she know the lasting impact these persimmons would have on her life. If you're looking for a sweet (and hilarious) story about fruit and friendship, you should give this one a listen.

  4. Jackie Bea's Chai Tea Chia Pudding with Persimmon

    If your favorite thing about persimmons is eating them, then this recipe will be your jam! (Actually, this recipe is for jam. And this one is for Persimmon Panna Cotta. Or maybe you'd like Stuffed Acorn Squash with Quinoa and Persimmons? We really dig persimmons around here...)

  5. Jessica Wilson talks about what we get wrong when we focus on weight.

    "The way that our bodies are treated and problematized and pathologized, we’re often taught that it’s our fault, that it’s our problem to fix or we just need to love our bodies out of societal oppression.”

    In this episode, author and dietitian Jessica Wilson challenges us to rethink the politics of body positivity.

  6. Coffee as self-care and the Color of Coffee Collective

    So often do we grab our coffee in a to-go cup, rushing off into a busy morning. In this episode, hear a message from coffee expert Korie "KP" Griggs about slowing down and incorporating coffee into your self-care. Plus, discover the work of the Color of Coffee Collective, a non-profit created to support equitable access in the world of specialty coffee.

  7. Elizabeth Cullen Dunn delivers touching stories about sharing food during times of war.

    From war-torn Ukraine to a meat-packing plant in Fort Morgan, Colorado, Elizabeth Cullen Dunn's research spans the globe (and has been featured on Earth Eats several times.)

    With a focus on food and crisis, her stories shed light on the ways in which people are connected, and often reveal the flaws hidden in our systemic approach to food and humanitarian aid.

  8. Community Food Security and Covid-19

    Four years ago, the world entered crisis mode. While restaurants and other businesses shut their doors, food pantries and community kitchens kept operating to serve those who struggled to get food on the table in the best of times, let alone in the middle of a pandemic. Revisit this conversation between Kayte and then-CEO and President of Mother Hubbard's Cupboard, Amanda Nickey.

  9. An early review of Food, Inc.

    Our ninth throwback takes us all the way back to 2009, and one of the first posts ever on the Earth Eats blog — a guest movie review of Food, Inc., published before it had even hit Indiana theaters. Food, Inc. gained worldwide notoriety for its unfiltered, and sometimes disturbing, look at common farming practices.

  10. When Food Meets Art

    Mori Willhite of Katsumi's Teaching Kitchen shows her students the hidden beauty of food. Discover her tips to create a meal that looks as good as it tastes. Plus, find links to her instructional videos, so you can follow along at home!

  11. Foraging Foodies: Two Experts Talk Morels and Ramps (recipe included)

    In Earth Eats's 15 years, we've had a few episodes about foraging, but this one tells you what you need to know about everyone's favorites - ramps and morel mushrooms.

    It also includes a mushroom skewer recipe perfect for your freshly foraged ingredients! (Or store-bought, if that’s more your style.)

  12. Who lives in a beehive?

    Part of our mission is encouraging people to think more deeply about where our food comes from. Over 15 years, we've shown you the farmers, chefs, culture, and people behind your food. But there's a much smaller food producer we also love...the honeybee.

  13. Keitlyn Alcantara on Indigenous foodways of the past and the present

    "Conversations like this one with Keitlyn Alcantara are at the heart of what I hope this show can be. Keitlyn speaks to the centrality of food in our everyday lives, and the ways in which it shapes our relationships with each other, with the earth and with our own histories. The interview was difficult to edit only because there was nothing she said that I wanted to cut." - Kayte Young

  14. An Educational Farm Where Black History, and Black Kids, are “Front and Center”

    Kamal Bell is CEO of Sankofa Farms and its associated teaching program in Efland, North Carolina. In this story, learn about Bell's journey from student to scholar and his mission combat food insecurity in black communities.

  15. Food Comics, Flavor Maps, Poetry, Popcorn And Slaw

    Last but not least, an episode that speaks to the broad identity of Earth Eats. With a graphic novel about love and entomophagy, a poem about fruit and identity, and research on food pairings and flavor networks, this episode covers the art, sentiment, and science of the food we put in our bodies.

    Plus, more recipes from Jackie Bea Howard and Susan Mintert. You can never have too many recipes!