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Seeds to Benefit Pine Ridge, and Hot Soup for Cold Days

Angela and Paula

On today's show we talk with the mother daughter team of Cankú Lúta Gardens, growing, saving and selling indigenous seeds.

We learn about the expanding organic farming industry and we join Chef Arlyn Llewellyn in the Function Brewing kitchen for a warming Yellow Thai Curry Vegetable Soup.


Cankú Lúta Gardens

Angela Cane and her mother Paula Cook sell a variety of indigenous seeds from their Cankú Lúta Gardens booth at the Bloomington Farmers' Market. Proceeds go to support gardening efforts at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. I spoke with them at the market and Mitchell Teplitsky, Director of Communication at The Language Conservancy, interviewed them in our studio earlier this fall.

The name of the organization, Cankú Lúta is a Lakota term meaning Red Road

Cankú Lúta, in the language of the Lakota people, means Red Road. The Red Road is the Good Road of Life, the path that we aspire to walk with our children and their children, and ALL OUR RELATIONS. --found on the Cankú Lúta website

The first iteration of the organization was run by Cane's parents Paula Cook and Kenneth Cane. Angela Cane spent her early years travelling around to benefits and speaking engagements as her father, the dynamic leader of the organization, raised money for the Lakota tribe, and the people living at Pine Ridge in South Dakota.

After her father passed away in 2011, Cane knew she wanted to carry on the tradition of Cankú Lúta, but she wanted to take a different path. Instead of food drives and benefits, she decided to work with seeds.

For more of their story plus food and agriculture news and a fabulous soup recipe, listen to this week's podcast.

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