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Poll Shows Americans Are Confused About Food


A recent Michigan State University poll shows many Americans are confused about key components of regional and global food systems, as well as what's in the food they eat.

And the poll of over 1,000 Americans ages 18 and over had some surprising results – including that When asked if non-genetically modified foods still had genes, 37 percent - said they did not. To be clear, all foods have genes.

Other interesting findings include 38 percent of people polled ranked their knowledge of the food system as higher than the average person, but 48 percent said they rarely or never seek information about where their food comes from, or how it is produced. Only 59 percent of respondents said they trust nutrition and food safety academics to provide them with accurate scientific information about their food.

You can see more poll results here.

The poll is part of a new Michigan State University public awareness initiative called "Food @ MSU". In an age where Americans argue with nutritionists about the definition of "healthy" "Food @ MSU" aims to help consumers make better informed decisions about their food and health, by sharing studies and hosting community roundtable discussions.

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