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March 24, 2023


Nick Deitrich standing in a well lit restauran with light colored wood and some set tables around him and a wine rack behind him

Small Favors features local ingredients [replay]

Listen to our conversation with the owner and chef of Small Favors, and his recipe for rich and savory cream puffs.

March 17, 2023


small child stocking a shelf in a food pantry with canned goods

If you care about food, pay attention to The Farm Bill

The farm bill isn’t just about farming. It’s about food security for households across the nation.

March 10, 2023


Book cover for Slaves for Peanuts, a peanut plant illustration on an orange background, and a black and white headshot of Jori Lewis next to it.

Jori Lewis on the complex story of the peanut [replay]

While peanut butter is one of my favorite foods, I can’t say that I have given much thought to the peanut as a crop, or paid any attention to its role in history.

March 2, 2023


young girl holding red bean bags, about to toss one. browning grass, an apartment complex and other people in the background

Raise your hand if you want to work in a meatpacking plant [replay]

A conversation with Elizabeth Cullen Dunn about our food system’s dependence on the labor of forced migrants.

February 24, 2023


A book open on a countertop with an illustration of a spinner and a headline "what does your nove really need? Step right up and take a spin"

Writing a novel is easy as pie (if only pie were easy)

The creators of How to Write a Novel in 20 Pies talk with Earth Eats about their book.

February 17, 2023


honeybees gathered on a wood surface in sunlight with shadows

Who lives in a beehive?

Microbiologist Irene Garcia Newton shares her knowledge about the many organisms involved in keeping a colony of honeybees healthy.

February 10, 2023


Korie Griggs in a brightly lit kitchen pouring water from a kettle into a cup

Wake up and slow down–with coffee

A conversation with Korie Griggs of the Color of Coffee Collective.

February 3, 2023


Jennifer Watkins, head and shoulders photo next to a window with and orange and white cat sitting to the left of her face.

Rethinking the restaurant industry

A conversation with geographer Jen Watkins on her experience as a server and her research on the industry.

January 27, 2023


Two figures from the back, looking at a red barn. One of the figures has 'support queer farmers' on the back of their shirt

What does it mean to “queer” the food system? [replay]

A conversation with Dr. Ike Leslie, questioning the traditions and assumptions around the role of family in farming.

January 20, 2023


A drawing in the style of a tarot card with a person and palm production supply, next to a black and white head shot of Max Haiven

Max Haiven explains palm oil [replay]

What can one commodity reveal about our food systems, about health, about labor and capitalism and about the environmental costs of so-called cheap food production?

January 13, 2023


Jennifer Whitley in kitchen with apron holding pink cake decorated with strawberries and blackberrys with a slice taken from the edge of the cake

Art and science in the kitchen, with Cakes by Yenni

When your grandmother tells you it’s time to open a cake business, maybe you should listen.

January 6, 2023


many different bottles of vinegar and oil arranged on a bar, with shelves of bottles in the background

Old-school customer service meets the latest kitchen trends [replay]

Goods for Cooks owners Sam Eibling and George Huntington are siblings who make a good team. Hear the story of their independent store–filled with cooking equipment, tableware and specialty food items.

December 30, 2022


Heather Craig in apron and surgical mask chopping green vegetables in a commercial kitchen with bins of yellow mushrooms, leafy greens and chopped red and yellow peppers on the countertop

Building a bridge for community food security [replay]

Heather Craig crafts nourishing menus at the Community Kitchen.

December 23, 2022


Vanilla chocolate spiral cookies on a cooling rack

Toasty winter treats

A winter holiday special with chestnuts roasting, cookies baking and coffee outside.

December 16, 2022


Maria St. Clair and Chris Manansala standing in a comercial kitchen with shelving behind them

Pinoy Garden Cafe brings a new taste to town

The owners of a new pop-up talk about Filipino cuisine and their plans for the future.

December 9, 2022


Two women standing in front of a metal garage door, one with her gloved hand over a large metal vat with a clamp lid, the other leaning on a make-shift countertop

“Profound acts of care” at the Ukrainian-Polish border [replay]

Stories of ordinary people assisting those fleeing Ukraine at the start of the war earlier this year.

December 2, 2022


Crisis leads to transformation in Greek cuisine

A conversation with chef and anthropologist, Nafsika Papacharalampous about changes in high-end dining in Greece, sparked by the financial crisis.

November 24, 2022


Head shot of Michelle A.T. Hughes, smiling at camera in blue blouse

The National Young Farmers Coalition centers racial equity

The future of farming must be inclusive, and the NYFC is intentionally moving agriculture towards racial diversity.

November 18, 2022


Fred Bennett and Virginia Githiri stand behind a stainless steel table in a commercial kitchen with a popcorn machine to the left. Both are wearing shirts with Popkorn logos and both are looking at the camera.

A love for cooking isn’t the only reason to start a food business [replay]

Hear the story of a public health professor with a passion for popcorn.

November 11, 2022


Hilary Fleck siting on a table with purple background and a shingled roof over the table with a sign that reads 'liars bench'

A glimpse at local history through the lens of restaurants and pudding

The Monroe County History Center shares the stories of bygone diners and dives.

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