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December 1, 2023


Ash Teng, Nic Garza and Enrique Hernandez standing in a staggered row inside a greenhouse, facing camera

Monroe County BIPOC farmers connect through a fellowship

A recent fellowship from the Hoosier Young Farmers Coalition focuses on Black, Indigenous and People of Color in Monroe County, Indiana.

November 24, 2023


Jordan Chell standing in a greenhouse with orange flowers at his feet and trees with oranges around him

Raising seeds

Conversations with a farmer at Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company and the owners of Lost Farm Meal Service.

November 17, 2023


Tiffany-White LaGue and Kristina LaGue smiling at the camera, holding two toddlers with Christmas decor behind them

Thanksgiving food traditions connect families across generations

Learn about three unexpected holiday dishes that mean the world to the families who make them.

November 10, 2023


Portrait of Katherine Miller laughing

Katherine Miller on how chefs can help shape our food system

In her new book, Katherine Miller offers guidance for chefs on effecting change in food policy.

November 3, 2023


A red panda outdoors looking at the camera while Barbara Henry offers it a piece of fruit.

Who sets the menu for the animals at the zoo?

Everybody eats, including animals at the zoo. Producer Toby Foster talks with the curator of nutrition at the Cincinnati Zoo.

October 27, 2023


Maria Carlassare standing in a commercial kitchen holding a book

Piccoli Dolci brings Italian treats to The Heartland [replay]

Maria Carlassare’s business is called Piccoli Dolci, which is Italian for little sweets. These days she’s making plenty of savory Italian specialties too, from distinct regions in Italy.

October 20, 2023


A girl with a shovel, digging, adult male nearby and a small tree in a bag in foreground, a playground and large brick building in the background

A forest for the future [replay]

A conversation about a non-profit organization working to build a resilient and equitably green city for all.

October 13, 2023


Kashika Singh standing at stove with a bowl of chopped ginger while other people look on

Is food your love language? Kashika Singh builds community through food [replay]

A visit to a cooking session at the IU Food Institute where a former IU language professor shares traditional Indian foods.

October 6, 2023


Elizabeth Dunn stading in protective smock and hair covering near stainless steel table and procedural ice cream company posters on the white wall behind her

Ice cream and cluster bombs: present and future foodways in Ukraine

Geographer Elizabeth Cullen Dunn talks with Earth Eats about visiting ice cream factories and small dairy farms in Ukraine as the country faces uncertainty around the war and changes in land policy.

September 29, 2023


white tulips in bloom in wooden, bi-level garden bed with lawn and more garden beds in background

A political immigrant from Russia finds comfort in an Estonian garden

Jerry Mercury had never experienced a place like the community garden he found in Tallinn, Estonia. In a difficult time, it meant the world to him.

September 22, 2023


portrait of Jessica Wilson smiling with golden background next to book cover of It's Always Been Ours

Jessica Wilson talks about what we get wrong when we focus on weight.

“Our bodies aren’t the problem,” rethinking the stories we tell about weight and health with dietician Jessica Wilson.

September 15, 2023


Alicia Kennedy standing in front of a book case with arm leaning on book case, looking at the camera

Alicia Kennedy considers the cultural history of vegetarian cuisine

In her new book No Meat Required, food writer Alicia Kennedy looks at vegetarian movements of the past and shares her low-tech vision for the future of food.

September 8, 2023


small child stocking a shelf in a food pantry with canned goods

The farm bill isn’t just about farming [replay]

If you care about food, pay attention to The Farm Bill. It’s about food security for households across the nation.

September 1, 2023


Korie Griggs in a brightly lit kitchen pouring water from a kettle into a cup

Make time for coffee

A conversation with Korie Griggs of the Color of Coffee Collective.

August 25, 2023


honeybees gathered on a wood surface in sunlight with shadows

Beehives contain multitudes

Microbiologist Irene Garcia Newton shares her knowledge about the many organisms involved in keeping a colony of honeybees healthy.

August 18, 2023


Jennifer Whitley in kitchen with apron holding pink cake decorated with strawberries and blackberrys with a slice taken from the edge of the cake

Cakes by Yenni: turning a passion into a business [replay]

When your grandmother tells you it’s time to open a cake business, maybe you should listen.

August 11, 2023


A group of 9 people, some in aprons, some with ball caps, standing outside of a greenhouse structure one person is crouching with a garden tool holding up a carrot and smiling at the camera. Grey clouds in background

Take them outside

As we head back to the classroom, consider the value of outdoor learning. We speak with educators and students about what gardens at their high schools mean to them.

August 4, 2023


A guy in a cap and thick glasses standing next to a white tower with various leafy green an white tubes radiating out. the background is a white wall with a doorway to the right.

Back-to-school with farm-to-fork

Join us for a tour of a new midwestern elementary ag school and a conversation with a farm-to-school garden coordinator.

July 28, 2023


A book open on a countertop with an illustration of a spinner and a headline "what does your nove really need? Step right up and take a spin"

Pies, novels, poetry and a podcast [replay]

The creators of How to Write a Novel in 20 Pies talk with Earth Eats about their book.

July 21, 2023


three women smiling at camera holding tomato, carton of brown eggs and a bunch of greens

How to build a better local food system

From food hubs, farm-to-school programs and local food value chains, this week’s show is all about making local food work for everyone.

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