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September 18, 2020


Elizabeth Dunn standing in front of a bed of red and white tulips near the a limestone arched wall.

The Pandemic Reveals The Fragility Of Our Food Systems: An Interview With Elizabeth Dunn

A decentralized food system could mean a more resilient food system. Immigration reforms could make a big difference, as well.

September 11, 2020


Shawn Askinosie standing in front of a storefront with a large white dog.

Askinosie--A World Class Chocolatier In The Midwest

Shawn Askinosie talks about his chocolate factory in Missouri, and the difference between Fair Trade Chocolate and Direct Trade Chocolate.

September 4, 2020


Keith Romaine wearing face mask cutting bread dough with baked loaves and baskets of dough on table, outdoor brick oven behind him and rainbow flag above.

A Neighborhood Pop-Up Bakery With A Backyard Brick Oven

Years in the making, a baker’s wood-fired bread oven dream finally comes true.

August 28, 2020


Kendra Brewer in front of stove pulling a jar of apples from a steaming pot, using a jar lifter. People visible through window behind stove.

Apples All Winter-- Preserving The Harvest Through Home Canning

Learn about home canning apple pie filling, and how a painter connects with family through food and art.

August 21, 2020


Erin Carman-Sweeny standing in blue shirt, with one hand on his hip in front of row crops with trees and green brush beyond the farm fields.

Research, Food Production, Regenerative Agriculture--A Visit To The IU Campus Farm

College campuses are opening up, or going virtual, or something in between, all across the country this month. We thought it might be a good time to visit the IU Campus Farm.

August 14, 2020


A black woman in army fatigues with face masks loads a full plastic bag into the back of an SUV in a parking lot, with cars lined up in the background.

From The Global Pandemic To The National Racial Reckoning--Food Is Central

Food Justice Organizer and Urban Farmer Suzanne Babb talks with Earth Eats about what the pandemic is bringing to light about our emergency food systems and how we might choose a different path forward.

August 7, 2020


Student photographing and arrangement of a tea can and candy with a teal cloth on a table.  A lighting device is in view.

Food Photography And Ghanian Cuisine

In the age of Instagram, it seems like everybody’s taking pictures of their meals. But what’s it doing to our experiences with food--and with each other?

July 31, 2020


Women at a farmers market with a box of limes on the table and a Spanish language banner in the background

Coffee Farmers Diversify Crops, Rick Steves Supports Sustainable Farming

When leisure travel returns, Rick Steves has a model for offsetting the carbon footprint.

July 24, 2020


A small dark berry tart, chocolate chip brownie, chocolate cake with caramel and chocolate shavings and a mini bundt cake with lavender sprinkles, all arranged on a glass plate.

Special Treats For Special Diets

Did you know you can make a delicious caramel with raw cashews? Hear all about it in our interview with Brandi Williams of Primally Inspired Eats.

July 17, 2020


Zion Moore and Jason Rosales Harms standing in between rows of vegetables on a farm. Hoop house and other farmers are visible in the background.

Chicken And Vegetables With Next Generation Farmers

The Next Generation Farmers Youth Program at Lawrence Community Gardens in Indianapolis, takes farm-to-table learning to the next level--with a chicken processing workshop.

July 10, 2020


Emmie O'Connor, wearing a face mask and green gloves standing in front of glass doors with a meal box in her hand. Inside the doorway, filled plastic bags line a table.

Emergency Meals On Campus And Handcrafted Fishing Nets In Oregon

They talked about it on a Thursday, and served their first meal on a Monday. Rahul Shrivastav and Carl Ipsen tell the story of the Emergency Meal Project on the IU campus.

July 3, 2020


Yellow and black graphic with a mule's head and the words 'forty acres & a mule'

Chef Launches Project To Preserve Black Farming And Foodways

Freed slaves were promised land by the government, but the promise was never fulfilled. Adrian Lipscombe’s Forty Acres and a Mule Project aims to purchase land for Black farmers.

June 26, 2020


Various food items in a white plastic bag, including small cartons of milk, a pear and a round, white paper container.

Food Challenges For Public Schools During A Pandemic

Hattie Johnson had a plan for the lunch program, should the schools need to close because of COVID-19. She just didn’t expect to pivot quite so quickly.

June 19, 2020


Slice of pie with purple berries and a crumble topping on a small plate with coffee cup in the background.

A Pie Tour Of Ann Arbor, A Fishing Boat In Oregon, And A Summer Berry Galette

Have you ever explored a city by way of pie? Hear the ups and downs of a Michigan pie tour from pre-COVID days, way back in January.

June 12, 2020


MeShorn Daniels with face mask and Army shirt, in ball cap looking at camera standing in parking lot of boarded-up Kroger.

A Food Desert By Any Other Name

So-called urban food deserts are often low income neighborhoods, and/or predominantly black neighborhoods. What’s wrong with the term food desert, and how might we rethink what it means?

June 5, 2020


Victor Tellis and Lynnell Blakemore, both with face masks at chin level, with blue tent, a few people and a gray brick wall and flowers on a fence in the background

Remembering A Beloved Chef, Killed By Authorities In This Week's Violence In Louisville

Chef David McAtee, known to his friends as YaYa, ran a Barbecue stand on Louisville’s West Side. We remember him, and the food he prepared for his community.

May 29, 2020


Christine Davies standing in front of rows of garden vegetables, with black plastic as mulch and woodchip paths.

Hospital Farming, Rural Food Shopping And Commercial Fishing

COVID-19 has complicated grocery store shopping and sent waves of customers to some rural markets. Plus, fresh food as medicine, and conversations with commercial fishers in Oregon

May 22, 2020


Elizabeth Dunn standing in front of a bed of red and white tulips near the a limestone arched wall.

Consolidation Leads To Fragility--Elizabeth Dunn On Meatpacking And COVID-19

A decentralized food system could mean a more resilient food system. Immigration reforms could make a big difference, as well.

May 15, 2020


White cloth bag with Janie's Mill printed  in black, behind a bowl of flour

Regional Grain Mill Answers Home Bakers’ New Demand

Janie’s Farm and Mill in Eastern Illinois offers whole grains and flours to feed people. When the demand switched from wholesale to retail, they could easily shift gears.

May 8, 2020


Eric Schedler standing in the grass next to a greenhouse with covered wood pile, white van and metal-sided building and dense woods in the background.

Slow Food And Speedy Delivery--The Food World Adjusts To A Global Pandemic

A grassroots organization, a pizza joint and an artisan bakery--hear how stay-at-home orders affect their work.

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