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May 31, 2019


Kale prepared with salt and olive oil

Muddy Fork’s Pizza Dough

With a blend of ancient grains and all-purpose flour, this dough rests in the fridge overnight to build flavor and texture.

May 10, 2019


chili verde enchilladas

Chef Arlyn’s Jackfruit and White Bean Chile Verde Enchiladas

Serve Chef Arlyn Llewellyn's Chile Verde in a bowl with rice and cheese, or as a filling for crispy-shelled enchiladas.

May 3, 2019


Annie Corrigan sips a mint julep

Mint Julep Recipe

Celebrate Derby Day with this classic cocktail, from Chef D.

April 26, 2019


patch of dandelions

Dandelion Greens With New Potatoes And Local Italian Sausage

Spring is the best time to harvest dandelion leaves, and Chef D has got a great recipe!

April 19, 2019


moroccan rice bowl with veggies

Jackie Bea’s Moroccan-Inspired Cauliflower-Rice Bowl

Make your bowl your own, but be sure to make extra gingered-turkey meatballs, and freeze them for another dish.

March 29, 2019


falafel and pita

Chickpea Falafel

Here's the perfect filling for your homemade pita pockets. And you don't even have to cook the chickpeas!

March 22, 2019


spelt pita

Muddy Fork’s Spelt Pita Bread

In this recipe, you don't sacrifice texture or flavor by using whole grain flour.

June 20, 2018


kale and white bean soup in a crockpot

Jackie Bea’s White Bean And Kale Soup

Plan ahead for those nights when you don't feel like cooking. This simple soup is packed with flavor and perfect for freezing.

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