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Problem Solving You Can Eat

Carrots with greens, tomatillos, a cucumber, red peppers and cherry tomatoes displayed on a wooden surface, orverhead view

Focusing on adding more plants to your diet can be a pleasant way to make improvements. (Kayte Young)

“Do we need new drip, do we need new soil, do we need better lighting, do we need a better location? It’s problem solving--problem solving you can eat.”

This week on our show, we start the New Year off right--with plants. We have a story about how you might get more plants into your diet, what you might learn, and teach while growing plants, plus a story about Slow Food from Josephine McRobbie, a winter cocktail recipe from Cardinal Spirits and more.


Eat More Plants

Starting a new year, many of us make plans to do better in one way or another. Maybe by, say, improving your diet. It might be nice to think about adding to your diet, rather than restricting. We listen back to a story from a couple of years ago about a plant eating challenge through the Healthy IU program at Indiana University in Bloomington. The program was called Back to Our Roots: Plant Eating Challenge.

After School Gardening at Benjamin Franklin Elementary 

Growing food might be one way to increase the variety of plants in your diet. And teaching kids to grow food can get them started on a path of healthy eating, and of scientific inquiry. We share a story this week from the spring of 2018, back when gathering, cooking and planting together was something we took for granted. 

We meet some kids in an after-school garden club at Benjamin Franklin Elementary in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Mark Minster of Rose Hulman Institute of Technology leads the program. It's part of the Ryves Up! initiative in the Ryves neighborhood where Benjamin Franklin is located.

We talk with him about inquiry-based learning and find out what a sprouting potato might have in common with a Minecraft mob.

If all goes well, maybe the kids at Benjamin Franklin Elementary can get back out in the garden this spring, if not, they can always hope for a fall garden.

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Stories On This Episode

Rural Towns Across The Country Struggle To Keep Water Clean

A water tower with the name Hobart against a blue sky

For many rural towns across the country, improving water quality is an effort that takes years and millions of dollars to fix.

As More Turn To Slow Food Movement, Organizers Consider New Ways To Connect

A grid of four screen shots of zoom sessions. One is a woman pouring a white substance into a seive over a yellow pot on a stove, two a plate of pasta covered lobster, three a hand in a pot of soil, four a woman with an open beehive and jars of honey

The goals of Slow Food USA, a grassroots organization focusing on food justice for all, couldn’t be more timely, but during the rise of a global pandemic, organizers have had to think about new and novel ways to share their message.

From 'Feed The 9 Billion' To 'Trade Not Aid', Farmers Will Likely Reinvent Themselves Again

A display at a table at a farm trade show. Many signatures and a sharpie on a banner on the table, with logos of companies.

After harsh and frequent criticism from animal rights activists and environmentalists, many farmers and people who work in agriculture launched an effort to tell their stories to the broader public. With a new President, Amy Mayer looks at how ag messaging may change again.

Scott's Rum Walnut Alexander

Close up of creamy cocktail with nutmeg dusted on half of the surface.

For drinks with cream, it's especially important to strain the ice cubes before serving. Otherwise, you can end up with a watery mess.

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