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Edible Outdoor Education, Two Soups And Coffee Outside

A hand pouring a small kettle of water over a pour-over device for coffee on a wooden bench outdoors.

There's plenty of cool, lightweight camping gear to collect for Coffeeneuring, but you only need a few key items. (Kayte Young/WFIU)

This week on our show, we learn about spicebush tea and acorn pancakes from outdoor educator Shane Gibson.

Chef Arlyn Llewellen shares some garlic lover's soup recipes. 

Commercial netmaker Sara Skamser tells her story, and we take a bike ride with River Bailey for some Coffee Outside. 

A kid squatting down on the ground, on knee up, examining a leaf, holding a clipboard and pencil, lots of shoes and legs of other kids in the background.

One of the student's examine's a plantain leaf on the walk to the outdoor classroom (Kayte Young/WFIU)

Outdoor Edibles

Shane Gibson is the Director of  Environmental Education with Sycamore land Trust. A few years ago, I met with him and Shawn Fisher’s 4th grade class at Unionville Elementary a public school just outside of Bloomington, in Southern Indiana. This school has developed a curriculum called EARTH. It stands for Environment, Art, Resources Technology and Health. The new approach makes for an easy partnership with Gibson, who focuses on the environment but also on health. His visits always include extra outdoor time for the kids, and often a discussion on the nutritional aspects of edible wild plants.

On this day, they take a walk, past the playground, down to their outdoor classroom. They’re making spicebush tea together, and sampling some pancakes made with acorn flour. 

See below for recipes.

Coffee Outside

Ever heard of Coffeeneuring? What about "coffee outside?"

My guest this week, River Bailey, fills us in on the trend.

In fact, He takes us along for the ride.

River Bailey sitting on a bench pouring water to make coffee outide.
You don't have to go far for your caffinated outdoor adventure. A spot by the White River in a city park will do just fine for 'Coffee Outside.' (Kayte Young/WFIU)

River's Checklist for Coffee Outside (with some links to River's picks):


Kettle or pot

Camp stove

Fuel for stove


Coffee making device and filter (if needed) pour-over or Aeropress


Lighter, fire starter or matches

Container or bag (to store used grounds/filter for the ride home)

A bag or pack (to carry all of the above)

Stories On This Episode

In Coastal Oregon, Fishing Gear Makers Strive for Sustainability

Sara Skamser with hands on a commercial fishing net, with net making supplies in the background

Pacific seafood depends on skilled workers, and not just the ones out on the boats. In workshops that dot the Oregon coast, industrial craftspeople make and modify the fishing gear behind our seafood meals.

Facial Recognition Is Not Just For Your Phone. It Could Be Used To Prevent Livestock Disease.

A hand holding a phone in front of the face of a cow in a pen, on the phone screen it says CattleTracs and the face of the cow in a frame.

To the human eye, each cow in a herd can look nearly identical. But new technology is being developed to identify cattle through facial recognition.

Arlyn's Vegan Garlic Mushroom Soup

mushroom soup

Chef Arlyn Llewellyn doesn't just subsitute ingredients to make a recipe vegan. She carefully builds flavor and richness to create this standout vegan garlic soup.

Arlyn's Garlic Chicken Soup With Broccoli And Potatoes

garlic chicken soup

The chef at Function Brewing shares a comforting soup for garlic lovers only.

How To Make Spicebush Tea

Berries and leaves on a spicebush plant

During the Civil War, spicebush tea often substituted for coffee when rations ran low. Pioneers also often made a spring tonic of spicebush tea.

Acorn Pancakes

For breakfast, enjoy a taste of fall with these acorn pancakes

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