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Anthropologists Discuss Gluten’s Complications And A Baker Teaches Pita Bread

A white plate with three different grains, whole and ground, labeled: kamut, spelt, turkey red wheat.

Eric Schedler of Muddy Fork Bakery discusses the differences between these three types of wheat, and why he chooses spelt for his pita bread. (Kayte Young/WFIU))

One of the things you’ll notice about spelt is that it comes together immediately. Much more quickly than wheat does.”

This week on our show, we talk with Eric Schedler of Muddy Fork Bakery. He’s teaching us how to make pita bread, using his stone ground spelt flour. And to fill that pita pocket, He’ll also share his recipe for falafel. This story originally aired in 2019.

Christina Stella of Harvest Public Media explains why corn needs to sleep. 

Josephine McRobbie has a conversation with the official chef for a state governor, and we talk with Andrea Wiley Christa Voirol about the complications surrounding gluten. 

Andrea Wiley is an anthropology professor in the Human Biology Program at Indiana University in Bloomington. Christa Voirol, her research assistant, graduated from Indiana University in the spring of 2019.This conversation from 2019, when Alex Chambers was still on our team, might clear up some confusion, or possibly raise more questions.

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Stories On This Episode

Chickpea Falafel

falafel and pita

Here's the perfect filling for your homemade pita pockets. And you don't even have to cook the chickpeas!

Muddy Fork’s Spelt Pita Bread

spelt pita

In this recipe, you don't sacrifice texture or flavor by using whole grain flour.

Alex Chambers Interviews Andrea Wiley And Christa Voirol

Andrea Wiley, Professor, Anthropology, Director, Human Biology collaborated for the past 4 years on a gluten project with Christa Voirol, a Cox Research Scholar who is graduating this week (Photos courtesy of IU)

From Celiac's disease to gluten sensitivity, to low-carb diets--food scholars talk about what's going on with wheat.

Why Even Corn Can Get A Bad Night Of Sleep

A man in a ball cap in a corn row, with dried corn ears in the foreground.

Hotter nighttime temperatures can become a problem for crops that are just trying to get some sleep.

On Gastrodiplomacy: Eating and Teaching At The “People’s House” in North Carolina

Ryan McGuire, a young white man in a chef's jacket and ballcap, smiling

When the Governor and First Lady of North Carolina had an opening for a chef at the state’s Executive Mansion, they wanted more than the promise of a great meal.

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