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Spelt Flour Makes The Best Pita Bread

Eric Schedler offers a quick tour of the qualities of some of the grains they use in their breads (Kayte Young/WFIU)

One of the things you’ll notice about spelt is that it comes together immediately. Much more quickly than wheat does.

Our guest today Is Eric Schedler of Muddy Fork Bakery, and he’s teaching us how to make pita bread, using his stone-ground spelt flour.

And harvest public media has a report on the worker shortage for the meatpacking industry due to changes in immigration policies.

If you are a regular customer at the Bloomington Farmers’ Market or the Winter Market, you are probably familiar with Muddy Fork Bakery. They’re an artisanal bakery here in Southern Indiana, featuring beautifully shaped loaves of bread baked to perfection in a wood-fired brick oven. They also offer flaky croissants, buttery, hot pretzels, and in the summertime, freshly baked pizzas including a bacon and egg breakfast pizza.

Muddy Fork is in their tenth year of business, and they’ve been featured on Earth Eats before.

I recently had the chance to visit with Eric Schedler out at their commercial bakery on their property located on a country road a few miles east of town.

Learn More About Muddy Fork from the WFIU/WTIU Archive

Listen to a 2014 story about croissant making at Muddy Fork, with producer Mark Chilla

Here is a piece about Muddy Fork's on-site flour mill, from Earth Eats Founder and former host, Annie Corrigan.

And another piece on Muddy Fork from the early days.

Here's a video with Annie Corrigan from 2013.

And a story about Muddy Fork's recovery after a fire burned their bakery.


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