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Chinese Feminism, A Woodworking Surgeon, Love Songs And Pie

On Valentine's Eve, one father bakes pies and sings of love; another left his loving legacy in wood and woods. Plus, pictures of Chinese feminism in action.

Malcolm Dalglish was a young man, rocking his first-born child, when inspiration hit:

“As I was doing it, I started singing, ‘Boom boom–You’re my little potato–boom-pa-toom–you’re my little potato– and I dug you up–boom ba doom ba doodley doo doo…’ And then I said, ‘Hey there’s something!'”

–Malcolm Dalglish

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air! We might first consider romantic love, but what about the love between a parent and a child? Bloomington musician Malcolm Dalglish brings his show Love Songs for A Lasting World to the stage on Valentine’s Eve. He visits the Café to talk about different kinds of  love songs, potatoes, and pie.

Another father we meet today expressed his paternal love in the woodshop:

“He made for each of us children as we needed it a bed and a dresser. And then we started having grandchildren, so each of the grandchildren got a bed and a dresser.”

–Kathryn Whealton, on her father Walter Owens

Woodworking was a local surgeon Walter Owens’ way of sharing his love for his children and for trees, an affection that led him to restoring his family farm in as a woodland.

And an exhibition on the Indiana University Bloomington campus takes us to the other side of the world, where young Chinese feminists create public performances to protest gender discrimination. The photographs on view at the Wells library document these displays. Above Ground: 40 Moments of Transformation is part of China Remixed, a global arts & humanities festival celebrating contemporary Chinese culture.

Stories On This Episode

Above Ground: Taking Shots Against Gender Discrimination

Pictures on view on the IU campus showcase how a new generation of feminist activists is using street theatre and social media to rally awareness in China.

The Surgeon Who Planted Trees

This doctor's career, avocation, and family life combined to build a generations-long legacy.

Malcolm Dalglish Serves Up Music And Four Dozen Apple Pies

Love Songs For A Lasting World is part music and dance extravaganza, part apple pie fest.

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