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City officials discuss housing needs and the Sudbury Development


The planned development site on Bloomington's southwest side.  (Courtesy, Bloomington Plan Commission)

A development is coming to Bloomington’s southwest side, and it is expected to add more than 4,000 homes to the city. 

Construction could start as early as next summer, since the city council approved a rezone of the 140-acre site for Sullivan Development and Ridge Group in May.   

Rezoning is the first phase, according to Sullivan Developer Travis Vencel. Permits still need to be granted from the state, city, and county.  

The project is expected to take about 10 years.  

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The development will be near existing neighborhoods around the RCA Park and Summit Elementary School. 

Residents in the area have expressed concerns related to strain on city infrastructure, increased density, and the environment.  

The project comes as a regional study projects Bloomington will need 4,155 new homes by 2035. 

And The National League of Cities says housing for low to moderate income people is in short supply, since most of the nation’s was developed in the 1930s, and has aged out of the market. 

This week on Noon Edition, we’ll talk about housing needs in Bloomington and plans for the Sudbury Development. 

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Isabel Piedmont-Smith, Bloomington City Council District I representative and president 

Dave Rollo, City Council District IV representative 

Brad Wisler, City of Bloomington Plan Commission President 

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