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In a rural state, what are the outcomes for girls?

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Indiana is a predominantly rural state, according to an Indiana State population overview.

Living in a rural area typically is correlated with worse health outcomes and lower pay for women. 

A University of Chicago working paper indicates that the social attitudes where a woman grows up continue to affect health and earning potential, even after a woman moves from the area. And while sexist attitudes have overall declined, Indiana has one of the highest rates of sexist attitudes in the Midwest.

The 2023 Indiana Girl Report, released in November, says that Hoosier girls are admitted for inpatient care at three-times the rate of boys, and that there’s little explanation for the disparity.

Additionally, girls in Indiana report exercising less than boys in the state.

But in 2022, Hoosier girls graduated at a higher rate and boys. And 45 percent of girls in Indiana graduated high school with honors, compared to 32 percent of boys.

This week on Noon Edition, we'll talk about outcomes for girls in rural Indiana.

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Deb Getz, Associate Clinical Professor, Applied Health Science, IU School of Public Health

Elizabeth Beiersdorfer, Dearborn County 4-H Youth Development Coordinator 

Tamisha Sales, Girl Coalition of Indiana Executive Director of Evaluation and Learning

Jonna Breitwieser, Girls On The Run Southwest Executive Director

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