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For Moya Andrews, gardening is more than just having pretty flowers to look at – it's a passion.

In Focus on Flowers she shares not only gardening tips, but some of her fervor for the aesthetic of gardens, on occasion even considering gardening as a metaphor for certain aspects of life.

Focus on Flowers airs on WFIU1:

  • Thursdays and Fridays at 3:01 p.m.
  • Saturdays and Sundays at 6:55 a.m.

The program is also available as a weekly podcast, and all episodes are archived for online listening.

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About the Host

Born in Australia, Moya Andrews is a Master Gardener and a member of the Bloomington Garden Club in Bloomington, Indiana where she has lived since she joined the faculty of Indiana University in 1971.

Moya began gardening because she wanted to always have flowers for her house, and in her garden she concentrates on flowers, especially perennials, with the goal of never being without something blooming throughout the entire growing season.

In her professional life Moya is Professor Emerita of Speech and Hearing Sciences at Indiana University where she also served as Dean of the Faculties and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. She has authored many research articles and textbooks and believes that caring for her garden is similar in many ways to writing and editing.

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