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It's Not Too Late For Late-Summer Veggies


Today, what does the weed killer atrazine have to do with your city's drinking water? Well, a lot.

But we actually test it every day during runoff season in the spring, because we know that atrazine is coming, so we measure it more frequently.

Harvest Public Media looks at how runoff from farming affects urban water districts.

We visit a small grocery store that has strong ties to its rural Nebraska community.

In the kitchen, it's curry:

This is going to be a vegan dish, so vegans unite. We're going to actually use coconut milk instead of cream or dairy in this.

Coconut milk plus okra and chickpeas. Daniel Orr also has a wheat berry and veggie salad on the menu.

And, scientist Matt Bochman wants to make your homebrew that much more local. He talks about his project Wild Pitch Yeast.

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Okra And Chickpea Curry

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Over the next few weeks, we'll share recipes that work well with your late-summer veggies. Today, we combine zucchini and cherry tomatoes with wheat berries.

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