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Young Farmers Build Community And Help Each Other Through The Hard Times

Liz Brownlee in winter clothes holding a baby lamb and smiling at the camera

Liz Brownlee of Nightfall Farm is a co-founder and president of The Hoosier Young Farmers Coalition. (Courtesy of Liz Brownlee)

Young farmers have it hard—it’s hard to buy land, and it’s hard to start something from scratch that tends to span generations. Add on setbacks like student debt, immigration and institutionalized discrimination, and you’ve got yourself a mountain to climb right from the beginning.

Liz Brownlee co-founded the Hoosier Young Farmers Coalition in 2016 with the idea that all of this can be just a little bit easier when you have friends to share the struggles and rewards of starting a farm.

Their monthly potlucks and impromptu music sessions took a hit when COVID struck, but they haven’t stopped advocating and helping each other move forward.

In this interview, Liz talks about what it means to be a young farmer today, and what keeps her going through the good times and the hard times.

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Learn more about the coalition at, and on Instagram at @hoosieryoungfarmers.


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Listen to the interview on this episode of Earth Eats.

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