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Writing a novel is easy as pie (if only pie were easy)

A book open on a countertop with an illustration of a spinner and a headline "what does your nove really need? Step right up and take a spin"

Emil Wilson's illustrations and comics echo the humor and wit found in Amy Wallen's writing. (Courtesy of the authors)

Preserved they don’t burn, the bitterness softens.

California has been burning for years. When I lived

in LA, I drank water pumped from Colorado. Lemons

from my grandmother’s tree—two orbs, turning in my hands

under the faucet—clear, cold, unfiltered…

This week on the show we’ve got poetry and pie. We hear from Melanie Tafejian, a poet who incorporates food imagery into her work. 

We talk with Amy Wallen and Emil Wilson, creators of of How to Write a Novel in 20 Pies.

And, Daniella Richardson reviews Maintenance Phase, a podcast that turns a critical eye towards the wellness and weight loss industry.

Novel Writing and Pie

Amy Wallen takes comfort in the practice of pie baking (and eating). As a writer, it's what she turns to when she is struggling with her work. She decided to write a book about it. How to Write a Novel in 20 Pies: Sweet and Savory Secrets for Surviving the Writing Life. She collaborated with Emil Wilson, illustrator and comic artist. The book includes sound writing and publishing advice, delightful illustrations and comics, plus recipes for sweet and savory pies of all sorts. 

Listen to our conversation in this week's episode. 

Amy Wallen’s other books include the novel, Moon Pies and Movie Stars, and When We Were Ghouls: A Memoir of Ghost Stories. She teaches, edits, leads writing workshops and works with the non-profit organization Ocean Discovery Institute.

Emil Wilson is an art director, illustrator and comic artist. His comics can be found on The Nib and The Gutter.

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Stories On This Episode

Two food poems from Melanie Tafejian

Melanie Tafejian outdoor in front of a window with flowers behind her

Producer Josephine McRobbie brings us a piece featuring poet Melanie Tefejian who incorporates food imagery into her poems.

The podcast Maintenance Phase turns a critical eye towards diet and wellness culture

logo with a pink apple shape and a blue pear shape and the words "maintenance phase"

Earth Eats producer Daniella Richardson describes the podcast Maintenance Phase as "the media a younger me wished she had."

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