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Winter Farmers Market, Boiling Maple Syrup, Yam Salad

Bloomington Winter Farmers Market

Yesterday was kind of an interesting day harvesting because it was so cold out. Rinsing the greens in the greenhouse, my fingers were nearly frozen.

Marcia Veldman of Meadowlark Farms is selling those beautiful greens at the Bloomington Winter Farmers Market today. We'll speak with her and two other vendors at the market to see what fresh, local food items are for sale during the cold months.

Before that, Amy Mayer of Harvest Public Media reports on the USDA's attempt at modernizing the country's poultry inspection laws.

Michael Bell is back in the second half of our show. First he tapped the maple trees, and now he shows how he boils the sap down to syrup.

And in the kitchen, Chef Daniel Orr brings a little bit of the Caribbean to our winter dinner table.

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