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Walnut Condiments For Pancakes And Salads


Going Nuts For Walnuts

America's bats are in trouble. In parts of the Northeast U.S., their numbers have decreased by 97 percent. Now, researchers are bracing for the possibility of massive population declines in the Midwest as well. Harvest Public Media's Tim Lloyd reports that losing a big part of Mother Nature's pest control crew could prove costly for farmers.

Walnuts are difficult to prepare, with their hard green hulls and black goo surrounding the nutmeat. Commercial walnut sellers have pricey equipment that hull the nuts, but forager Tracy Branam does it the old-fashioned way: he runs over the walnuts with his truck.

Chef Daniel Orr's recipe for Black Walnut And Maple Butter features grade B maple syrup from Burton's Maplewood Farm, which has a more robust flavor than grade A syrup. It also includes lemon juice and zest. "The acidity will cut a little bit of the sweetness of the maple syrup," he says.

Then he prepares a vinaigrette dressing that honors his father Lefty. It is simple, elegant and easy to make. It is brilliant from late fall through the spring, especially on salads with a balance of sweet and salty components. Think pears and blue cheese.

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