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Food Trucks and Authenticity

Pilar Gonzales prepares for a busy night outside The Bishop Bar in Bloomington, IN. (Alex Chambers/WFIU)

He will take a tortilla and he will serve Persian food, Armenian food...we had turmeric with chicken with him the other day...and he says ‘is it authentic Mexican food? Absolutely not, but it is authentic to me.’

That's Sarah Portnoy talking about Wes Avila of Guerilla Tacos, a famous taco truck in Los Angeles.

On our show this week we visit with Dr. Sarah Portnoy of the University of Southern California. We talk about her book on Latino food culture in LA, the complications in defining Mexican cuisine, and the legal ups and downs for street vendors in the city.

Next, Alex Chambers talks with Pilar Gonzales of Pili’s Party Taco’s, a food truck right here on the streets of Bloomington, serving up traditional flavors from Puebla, Mexico.

And just in time for snap pea season, Chef Daniel Orr shares a beautiful salad recipe featuring garden fresh sugar snaps and thinly sliced fennel.


Check out this episode of The Migrant Kitchen, from KCET featuring Wes Avila and exploring the “Alta California” Mexican food movement in Southern California.

Music on this episode:

Sweet Pea My Sweet Pea--Paul Weller

Piker Sam--Calexico

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Stories On This Episode

Sweet Pea, Fennel And Blueberry Salad

This recipe brings together three seasons of flavors: winter (fennel), spring (sugar snap peas) and summer (blueberries) for a fresh and delightful mix, perfect as a summer grilling side.

Land Grant Universities Urged To Tackle Racism In The US Food System

A food and sustainability advocacy group is calling for public and land grant universities to grapple with systemic racial inequality in the US food system.

Bayer Wins DOJ Approval To Acquire Monsanto

The Department of Justice announced this week its decision to allow Bayer to purchase Monsanto, following the sale of around $9 billion in assets to chemical company BASF.

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