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Fast(er) food, straight from the farm

A woman Kelli Abdon in a sunhat smiling in front of a small farm field

Kelli Abdon in her spring garden where tarps warm the soil for early planting. (Courtesy of Lost Farm)

Kelli and Ron Abdon are old hands at growing food and serving it up--she’s the third generation to live on her family’s farm outside Bloomington, and he’s cooked for restaurants for about 20 years.

A man wearing a red bandana and white apron gives a thumbs-up in front of several prepared and packaged meals of meatballs over vegetables
Chef Ron Abdon shows off his lions head meatballs, packaged and ready to send out to customers (courtesy of Lost Farm)

When the pandemic hit, Kelli noticed how strong the local food system remained, despite the challenges the rest of the country faced in reliably sourcing good, healthy food. The pair decided to make use of their skillset and connections to local farmers to start a small business that provides pre-cooked, plant-forward meals in single portions that are ready to reheat at a customer’s convenience. Lost Farm was born.  

I sat down with Kelli and Ron in early Spring 2023 to hear more about the business.  Listen to the story on this episode of Earth Eats. 

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