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Earth Eats presents Part II of the Hoosier Young Farmer Podcast

Nate Brownlee sitting in green field facing a flock of white sheep who are facing him and moving towards him

When you're responsible for everything (and everyone) on the farm it can be challenging to strike a work/life balance. This is one of the issues discussed in this special presentation of the Hoosier Young Farmers Podcast (Kayte Young/WFIU)

“When we first bought the garden it had a six foot tall chain link fence, with barbed wire across the top. Now,what does that tell you? Stay out. So one of the first things we did with our grant money was take down that fence.”

This week on the show we have a special presentation of the Hoosier Young Farmer Podcast. We hear from growers across the state about sustainable agriculture, the importance of community in farming, and the challenges farmers face in striking a work/life balance. 

The podcast was produced by Alex Chambers.
Liz Brownlee hosts the show, Andrew Raridon and Jessica Murnane coordinated interviews, Andrew Raridon and Rachel Brandenburg conducted the interviews.

The theme music is from Amy O, with additional music from Ramón Monràs-Sender.

This project is possible because of generous support from Indiana Humanities and Valparaiso University. Brought to you by the Hoosier Young Farmers Coalition, the National Young Farmers Coalition and partners across the state. Find out more on the podcast website.

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