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Earth Eats presents: Hot Farm--a podcast with Eve Abrams

Hot Farm in bold red letters with a photo of the back of a man in plaid with a ballcap looking towards a sun standing in a field of corn plants

Hot Farm is a new podcast from the Food & Environment Reporting Network. (courtesy of FERN)

“There isn’t a farmer one that doesn’t drive down the road looking out the side window to see what the other farmer’s doing. They all do it. And their question to themselves is: will that benefit me? What he’s doing–will that work for me? Will it make me any money, will it save me money? Will my bottom line increase by copying what this guy’s doin’?”

This week on Earth Eats, a special presentation of the podcast Hot Farm, about US farmers facing the future of growing food on a warming planet. From the Food & Environment Reporting Network (FERN), hosted by Eve Abrams. 

Find out more about the project and listen to all four episodes here.

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