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Carrots And Beets Served The Danish Way

rugbrod, carrot and beet open-faced sandwiches

One of the best parts of living in Copenhagen for half a year was definitely the food.

I stayed with a Danish host family for those few months, and my host mom was a professional chef. She shared traditional dishes with me almost every evening, from fiskefilet with remoulade to frikkadeller. I was spoiled!

Lunch In Denmark

Mealtimes are family time in Denmark.

Each day around noon, families sit down together with a loaf of Danish rye bread called rugbrød. The bread should be sliced in half. This way you can have a few different kinds of sandwiches with your meal if you like.

Spoon a generous amount of beet salad onto the bread and top with slices of hard-boiled eggs. (No Danish home is complete without an egg slicer.)

The result is the traditional open-faced sandwich, smørrebrød.

Like many traditions, Danish pastimes are filled with rituals -- smørrebrød is meant to be enjoyed with a fork and knife.

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