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A Pie Tour Of Ann Arbor, A Fishing Boat In Oregon, And A Summer Berry Galette

Slice of pie with purple berries and a crumble topping on a small plate with coffee cup in the background.

The quest for the perfect pie in Ann Arbor Michigan began at Avalon Bakery, with this mixed berry pie slice, with a crumble topping. (Kayte Young/WFIU)

“It was funny we were  on that little tiny boat and we were catching as much fish as the big guys”

Today on our show we have the second installment in our series from Josephine McRobbie and Joe O’Connel about the fishing industry on the Oregon coast. 

And we take a pie tour of Ann Arbor Michigan, followed by a summer pie recipe. 

Plus food news with Renee Reed. 


Anyone who knows me knows that pie is important to me. My mom taught me how to make pie crust, as her mom taught her. My grandmother had an elegant way of scoring the tops of her pies with a simple wheat design that my mom and I could never quite master. 

I’ve always been happy with my homemade pies, but it wasn’t until I tried Mark Bittman’s recipe for flaky pie crust, and followed the instructions carefully that my pie crust skills moved to the next level. That was in 2006. Before that, I didn’t get how crucial temperature was to getting a flaky crust

Nowadays, I take pride in the texture and flavor of my pie pastry, and I really suffer if one doesn’t turn out exactly right, which does happen occasionally (usually when I’m trying to impress someone).

Because of my high pie standards, I don’t usually order pie when I’m out, and I never bother tasting supermarket pies when they show up on a potluck table.

But recently, a friend of mine mentioned that she had visited Ann Arbor Michigan, and explored the town through the lens of pie. At least that’s what I thought she said. Maybe they just visited several bakeries. In any case, it sounded like a brilliant idea to me. So I tried it myself.

Overhead view of a small empty diner plate with two forks crossing it, and remnants of purple berry pie, next to a coffee cup and a napkin with words 'eat well, do good.'
There's barely a crumb left on the plate at Avalon Bakery in Downtown Ann Arbor. It was a great way to kick off the pie tour. 

 Way back in January, before any of the pandemic shutdowns in the US, my son was attending an orchestra program in Northern Indiana. Ann Arbor was close enough to visit. So, I compiled a list of places in Ann Arbor featuring pies on the menu, and headed out with my partner, Carl, in search of a pie pastry that was tender, flaky, and full of flavor. 

Small, double crust cherry pie in a foil pan, with a piece taken out.

A small, doublecrust cherry pie from Achatz Handmade Pie Company was the last pie on our tour. 

We sampled pies, both savory and sweet from Avalon Bakery, Zingerman's Bakehouse and Delicatessan, Yoon's Bakery, Achatz Handmade Pie Company, and Grand Traverse Pie Company

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