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Happy Public Radio Music Day!


Today, we celebrate Public Radio Music Day and what it does best—connect our community. Music feeds our soul and unites us all, especially during these challenging times. We’ve been working around the clock to make sure you still have access to essential music programming that comforts, connects, and entertains. 

On this Public Radio Music Day, we have collected all the resources you need to celebrate! Check out the schedule, entertaining content, and helpful links below to see how we’re remaining connected through our mission and deep understanding that music improves our lives. We thank YOU for listening to WFIU!

And, if you are able, consider making a gift of any amount to help fund this important service. 


Locally-Produced Music Programs On WFIU

Classical Music


Classical music has a special place in our hearts, and we have several programs and hosts bringing you a variety every day. George Walker is on weekdays from 9am-noon on WFIU, and Aaron Cain is on weekdays from 5-9am on WFIU2. And you can join renowned soprano Sylvia McNair for a fun program of classical music and stories on Saturdays from 10am-1pm on WFIU2 and Sundays from 8pm-11pm on WFIU. 

The Soul Kitchen
Friday 3-5pm and Saturday 8pm-10pm

Brother William serves up music with a message every time he’s on air. And so many of you have told us how much you appreciate this program. It’s unlike any other on our air, and is a great place to discover new voices in music.

Just You & Me
Monday–Thursday 3-5pm

Host David Brent Johnson is always looking to bring you a touch of Indiana during this program, so every Thursday features homegrown musicians. 

Friday 8-9pm

Only on public radio would you find a weekly show dedicated to popular song and jazz. Whether it's the unlikely friendship between Frank Sinatra and songwriter Jimmy Van Heusen, the influence of Charlie Parker on jazz singing, or explorations of songs all about love, colors, or birds, Afterglow hosted by Mark Chilla tells the stories of the American Songbook.

Night Lights
Friday 9-10pm

Even when we’re playing classic jazz, we want it to be an experience you can only find on public radio. Night Lights takes you on a musical journey each week with unique themes like “Jazz Women of the 1980s.

Saturday 8-9pm

This show is an invitation to visit the familiar and the forgotten through song and stories. Tom Roznowski hosts this hour of radio and will introduce you to everything from classical music to how Americans’ sense of place has changed over time.

Ether Game
Tuesday 8-9pm

And if you’re ready to test your own know-how about music, check out our weekly one-hour guessing game – which turned 50 earlier this year! No other program like this exists on radio, and we are so proud to bring it tofans of classical music everywhere. Host Christopher Burrus brings a new theme each week, and we encourage you to take part.

Ways To Listen

All programs can be heard on WFIU in multiple ways:

- Over the air

- WFIU (103.7 FM Bloomington, 100.7 Columbus, 101.7 French Lick, 98.7 Greensburg, 106.1 Kokomo, 95.1 Terre Haute)
- WFIU 2 (101.9 FM or 103.7 HD2 Bloomington, 100.1 Seymour)

- Online Streaming


- Ask your smart speaker to tune to WFIU

And did you know that we program our radio schedules so that when one channel is broadcasting news, the other is playing music? Check out the full WFIU and WFIU2 schedules here.


More Music Content To Entertain You

Did you miss Swing in September? Under the partnership of WFIU and the IU Jacobs School of Music Jazz Studies Department, Swing in September continued the Jazz in July tradition of featuring a variety of musical acts from swing bands to jazz vocalists and more in Dunn Meadow! You can watch all of the concerts here.

Celebrate all things music by diving into a wide variety of NPR music programs and podcasts. Get the rundown here.

Have you seen this Flyover Culture episode: "How Video Game Composers Bring Virtual Worlds to Life?" Games are unlike any other medium. And that means writing music for games is unlike writing for anything else. Watch the video here.

Catch up on NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concerts! They’re publishing a mix of concerts recorded at NPR headquarters before social distancing and shows recorded at artists’ homes. Watch them all here.