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Noon Edition

Your Cat Needs Protein

Lithographed and published by Nathaniel Currier (American, Roxbury, Massachusetts 1813–1888 New York). (Provided by The Met Open Access)

Cat lovers know how particular their furry friends can be about what they eat. Sometimes, people can take this attitude as a reinforcement of stereotypes about cats: finicky, standoffish, spoiled. But that's not accurate.

While it may seem as if cats stick to their preferences out of spite or an overindulged disposition, it actually has to do with the fact that their nutritional needs are in some ways fairly rigid.

Obligate Carnivores

Cats are driven to eat food that contains about three times as much protein as fats or carbs. They get this from their meat-based diet, which gives them long-lasting energy that primarily comes from protein and fat.

Because cats lack taste receptors for sweetness, they're not generally interested in carbs or sugars. Nutrition is key to a kitty.

Cats evolved as solitary hunters, rather than as pack animals; so, they are not prone to scarf down their meal like a canine might. They take their time while eating, judging the meal with their acute perception of taste and smell. If they sense a new ingredient, or a bit of medicine you slipped into the bowl, they might turn up their nose.

Glossy Coats

Your cat may go for a treat that's not exactly healthy perhaps because of short-term appeal or conditioning. But as obligate carnivores, cats require more protein than other domesticated animals.

An improper nutrient balance will take the shine out of a cat's coat, and in serious cases, can lead to eye and heart diseases.

Our feline friends are not as dainty as we sometimes like to characterize them. They have certain food demands and they tend to act as good judges of what they need.

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