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About A Moment of Science

We‘ve all hit our “funny bone.” Why does it feel like that? What do bicycles, footballs, and space shuttles have in common? Can you really learn while you are asleep? Why do some birds hop and others walk?

These and literally thousands of other questions about the world we live in are answered in A Moment of Science. If you are even a little bit interested in the world around you these two-minute radio programs are just for you – and you don‘t need to know anything about science!

These vignettes remove some of the mystery from science, but not the wonder. A Moment of Science makes you think “Wow, that‘s neat!” and go tell somebody else about it. There‘s no end to the topics covered, and you the listener can add to the list by sending us questions.

A Moment of Science is produced at Indiana University, Bloomington, in cooperation with IU‘s scientific community, and scientists around the world.

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Don Glass – Host and Producer, A Moment of Science Radio

A Moment of Science Radio Host Don Glass

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Don Glass has worked in public radio since 1966. From 1970 to 1990 he served as Program Manager for WFIU, becoming Special Projects Director and Senior Producer from 1990 to 2005. He has retired from full-time employment at WFIU, but continues to host and produce A Moment of Science. He enjoys working with A Moment of Science and learning fascinating new facts.

Yaël Ksander – Co-Host, A Moment of Science Radio

A Moment of Science Radio Co-Host Yael Ksander

Raised in Alexandria, Virginia, Yael Ksander holds a MFA in painting from Indiana University, an M.A. in art history from Columbia University, and a B.A. from the University of Virginia. She joined WFIU in 2000.

Contributing Scientists

Stephen Adams, Purdue University
Ingi Agnarrson, the University of Puerto Rico
James Allen, Brown University
Richard Allen, the University of Leeds
Raza Ali, Cambridge University
Chris Allgower, Midwest Proton Radiotherapy Institute
John Alsobrooks, Vincennes University
David Amodio, New York University
David Andersen, the University of Minnesota
Louise Arsenault, King‘s College, London
Sarah Asebedo, Kansas State University
Angela Attwood, the University of Bristol
Jonathan Atwell, Indiana University
Matthew Auer, School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Steven Babin, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Debera Backhus, School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Helen Bailey, the University of Maryland
Ian Baldwin, Max Planck Institute
Tracy Bale, the University of Pennsylvania
Guy Bar-Oz, the University of Haifa
Tom Baranowski, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston
Randolph Barker, Virginia Commonwealth University
Farrah Bashey-Visser, Biology
James Battey, National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
Katherine Bauer, Temple University
Cynthia Beall, Case Western Reserve University
Paul Becker, Cummins Technical Center, Columbus, Indiana
Carolyn Begley, Optometry
Daniel Belknap, University of Maine
Maria Dominguez-Bello, New York University
Eric Benbow, Michigan State University
Hugo Beraldi-Campesi, the National Autonomous University of Mexico
Jeffrey Berger, New York University
Mike Berger, Physics
Elmer Bernstam, University of Texas, Houston
Domenico Bertoloni, History and Philosophy of Science
James Bever, Biology
Jay Biernaskie, the University of Oxford
Stephen Billings, Dermatology, IU School of Medicine
Geoffrey Bingham, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Asaf Bitton, Harvard University
Michael Blaber, Florida State University
Steven Blair, the University of South Carolina
Bob Blakeley, Geological Sciences
Bronwyn Bleakley, the University of Exeter, England
Sara Bleich, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Arnold Bloom, the University of California, Davis
Mark Blumberg, the University of Iowa
Daniel Blumstein, UCLA
Cara Booker, the University of Essex
Kerri Boutelle, the University of California, San Diego
Janet Braam , Rice University
Ben Brabson, Physics
Chloe Bracis, the University of Washington
Arthur Bradley, Optometry
Yoni Brandt, the University of South Dakota
Simon Brassell, Geological Sciences
Allen Braun, National Institutes of Health
Mark Braun, Medical Sciences Program
William Brechue, the University of Central Oklahoma
Butch Brodie, Biology
Darron Brown, School of Medicine
Eric Brown, McMaster University
Joshua Brown, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Joshua Brown, Indiana University
Stephen Brown, Nottingham Centre for Pavement Engineering, Nottingham, England
Yves Brun , Biology
Steve Brusatte, the University of Edinburgh
Rochelle Buffenstein, the University of Texas Barshop Institute for Longevity and Aging Studies
Susanne Bügel, the University of Copenhagen
Gordon Burghardt, the University of Tennessee
Donald Burke, Biology
Thomas Busey, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Richard Byrne, the University of St. Andrews
Scott Campbell, Cornell Medical School
James Canary, Lilly Library
Ling Cao, the University of New England
Francesco Cappuccio, the University of Warwick
James Capshew, History and Philosophy of Science
John Carini, Physics
Ann Carmichael, History and Philosophy of Science
Kenneth Caulton, Chemistry
Karen Cercone, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Chris Chambers, Cardiff University
Guillaume Chapron, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Daniel Charbonneau, the University of Arizona
Christine Charles, Australian National University
Herbert Chase, Columbia University
Zhou-Feng Chen, Washington University Saint Louis
Antonio Chiocca, The Ohio State University
Guillem Chust, AZTI-Technalia, Vizcaya, Spain
Radoslaw Cichy, Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience
Matthew Clapham, the University of California, Santa Cruz
James Clark, George Washington University
Keith Clay, Biology
Amy Clement, Meteorology and Physical Oceanography, University of Miami
Tony Clevenger, Montana State University
Haldan Cohn, Astronomy
Ken Coles, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Geoffrey Conrad, Anthropology
Alan Cooper, the University of Adelaide
Robert Considine, Endocrinology
Clara Cotten, Biology
Will Courtenay, Psychology
Mary Alice Cox, Bloomington Veterinary Hospital
James Craig, Psychological and Brain Sciences
David Creswell, Carnegie Mellon University
Mark Crocker, the University of Kentucky
William Cron, Bloomington Dermatologist
Marti Crouch, Biology
Tom Crouch, Smithsonian‘s National Air and Space Museum
Sharon Curhan, Brigham and Women‘s Hospital
Cameron Currie, Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin
Rajdeep Dasgupta, Rice University
David Daleke, Medical Sciences Program
Love Dalén, the Swedish Museum of Natural History
James Daniel, Purdue University
Jesus Dapena, Kinesiology
Mary Dawson, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Volker Deecke, University of St. Andrews, Scotland
Greg Demas, Biology
Robert de Ruyter, Physics
Joseph DeSimone, Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Michael Dickson, History and Philosophy of Science
Ted Dix, the University of Texas, Austin
Courtney Dressing, Harvard University
Jim Drummond, Biology
J.B. Duffy, Biology
Lee Dugatkin, Biology, University of Louisville
Rob Dunbar, Geological and Environmental Sciences Stanford University
Richard Durisen, Astronomy
Daniel Van Dyk, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
Clive Edwards, Entomology, Ohio State University
Tom Ellis, Imperial College, London
Aaron Ellison, Harvard University
Sinead English, Edward Grey Institute
David Evans, the University of Toronto; the Royal Ontario Museum
Michael Ewert, Biology
James H. Fallon, University of California, Irvine
Robert Faris, UC Davis
James Farlow, Geology, Indiana University-Purdue University, Ft. Wayne
Kimberly Fenn, Michigan State University.
Mark Fenske, the University of Guelph
Peter Finn, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Janette Fischer, Biology
Woodward Fischer, Cal Tech
Alyce Fly, Applied Health Sciences
John Foley, Medical Sciences Program
Patricia Foster, Biology
Peretz Friedman, Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan
Jennifer Francis, Rutgers University
Megan Frederickson, the University of Toronto
Qiaomei Fu, Harvard University
Alan Gadian, the University of Leeds
Frietson Galis, the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden
Allison Gamble, the University of California, Davis
Joseph Garner, Stanford University
Preston Garraghty, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Gerald Gastony, Biology
Olivier George, Scripps Research Institute
Nicole Gerlach, University of Florida
Victoria Getty, Applied Health Science
Brett Gibson, the University of New Hampshire
Thomas Gieryn, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Jacquelyn Gill, the University of Maine
Philip Gingerich, The University of Michigan
Paul Gipe, Wind-Works
Steven Girvin, Physics
Larry Glickman, Veterinary Pathobiology, Purdue University
Robert Goldstone, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Tamas Gombosi, The University of Michigan
Mark Goodwin, University of California, Berkeley
Andrew Gordon, the University of Southern California
Josef Gorres, the University of Vermont
Steven Gottlieb, Physics
Robert Goulet, School of Medicine
Kelly Graf, Texas A & M University
Dan Graham, the University of Minnesota
Philippe Grandjean, Harvard School of Public Health
Richard Granger, Dartmouth College
Adam Grant, the Wharton School of Business
Richard Grass, the Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering, Zürich
Jody Green, Purdue University
James Guillochon, Harvard University
Mark Guiltinan, Pennsylvania State University
James Ha, the University of Washington
Claudia Haase, Northwestern University
Gerald Haeffel, the University of Notre Dame
Cindy Hale, Department of Forest Resources and The Natural Resources Research Institute, University of Minnesota
Wouter Halfwerk, The University of Amsterdam
Michael Hamburger, Geological Sciences
Roger Hangarter, Biology
Andrew Hanson, Computer Sciences
Richard Hardy, Indiana University.
Brian Hare, Duke University
Peter Harms, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Nobuhiko Hata, Harvard University
Mark Hauber, Hunter College, CUNY
Kris Hauser, School of Informatics and Computing
George Hegeman, Biology
Britt Heidinger, the University of Glasgow, Scotland
Charles Heiser, Biology
René Heller, McMaster University
James Hengeveld, Biology
Susan Hengeveld, Biology
Diane Henshel, School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Suzana Herculano-Houzel, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Marion Hetherington, the University of Leeds
Juan Hinestroza, Cornell University
Edward Hirt, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ronald Hites, School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Jacob Hirsh, the University of Toronto
Saskia Hogenhut, Norwich Research Park, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Marc Holderied, Bristol University
Bridgett von Holdt, Princeton University
Linda Holland, Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Brad Holschuh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
John Hooper, Queensland Museum.
Charles Horowitz, Physics
Bradley Howard, Radio-Television Services
Matthew Huber, Purdue University
John Huffman, Chemistry
Kevin Hunt, Anthropology
Laura Hurley, Biology
Donald Ingber, Harvard University
Roger Innes, Biology
Leslie Irvine, the University of Colorado
Lynne Isbell, the University of California, Davis
Karin Isler, the University of Zürich
Thomas James, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Timothy Jamison, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Vincent Janik, St. Andrews University, Scotland
Jodie Jawor, the University of Southern Mississippi
Steven Johnson, Computer Science
William Jones, School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Matthew Kanan, Stanford University
Albert Kao, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University
David Kaplan, Chemical Engineering, Tufts University
Kristopher Karsten, Oklahoma State University
Noy Kay, Applied Health Science
Daniel Kearns, IU Biology
Sue Kestenman, Bloomington Cat Hospital
Ellen Ketterson, Biology
Gary Kidd, Speech and Hearing Sciences
A. Marm Kilpatrick, the University of California, Santa Cruz
Alexander King, Materials Engineering, Purdue University
Andrew King, the University of Cambridge
William King, University of Illinois
Brian Kinsey, School of Engineering and Technology, Purdue University
James Klaunig, IU Environmental Health
Robert Klesges, University of Memphis
Andrew Knight, Washington University in St. Louis
Rob Knight, University of Colorado at Boulder
Eric Knox, IU Biology
Johanna Kolodziejski, Keene State College
Noretta Koertge, History and Philosophy of Science
Harold Koenig, Duke University
Brian Korgel, the University of Texas
Bill Kovarik, Radford University
Daniel Ksepka, North Carolina State University
James Krejci, Purdue University
Michelle LaRue
Marc Lame, IU Psychological and Brain Sciences
William Lamp, the University of Maryland
Geoffrey Landis, NASA
Robert Lang, Lang Origami
Clark Larsen, the Ohio State University
Kristin Larson, 3Tier
Robert Latzman, Georgia State University
Leonard Lee, Columbia University
James K. Lein, Ohio University
Grace LeMasters, the University of Cincinnati
Patricia Leonard, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Jennifer Lerner, Harvard University
Kristin Lewis, Harvard University
Ed Levri, Penn State University
Ruth Ley, Cornell University
Wen Li, the University of Wisconsin
James Liao, Harvard University
Leonard Lichtenfeld, American Cancer Society
Alice Lindeman, Applied Health Sciences
Curt Lively, Biology
Charles Livingston, IU Mathematics
Ralph Lorenz, Johns Hopkins University
Andrew Luescher, Purdue University
Phyllis Lugger, Astronomy
Michael Lynch, Biology
Ian Lyons, the University of Western Ontario
Sonja Lyubomirsky, the University of California, Riverside
Katherine MacLean, Johns Hopkins University
Jon Macy, Psychlogical and Brain Sciences
Bill Mahler, Wild Well Control, Inc.
Asifa Majid, Radboud University
Marin Makery, Johns Hopkins University
Christopher Maples, Desert Research Institute, Nevada
Josep Marco-Pallarés, the University of Barcelona
Bruce Martin, Medical Sciences Program
Kenneth Martin, Veterinary Medicine, Purdue University
Emília Martins, Biology
Linda Mason, Entomology, Purdue University
Henry Mathews, Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta
Autar Matoo, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Richard Mattes, Foods and Nutrition, Purdue University
Iain Matthews, St. Andrews University, Scotland
Sarkis Mazmanian, California Institute of Technology
Krista McCoy, the University of Florida
Susan McDaniel, the University of Rochester
Richard McFall, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Malcolm McIver, Northwestern University
William McKinnon, Washington University, St. Louis
Jim McKinney, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Barbara McMorris, the University of Minnesota
Matthew McNeill, the University of Illinois
June Medford, Colorado State University
Chiang Mei, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Vicky Meretsky, Biology
Tony Mescher, Medical Sciences Program
Richard Meetz, Optometry
Michael Meyer, Entomology, Purdue University
Timothy Mickelborough, Kinesiology
Gary Miller, Wake Forest University
Webb Miller, Penn State University
Jerry Mitrovica, the University of Toronto
Jean-Michel Mongeau, the University of California, Berkeley
David Montgomery, the University of Washington
Lawrence Montgomery, Chemistry
Aran Mooney, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
James Moor, Dartmouth College
Daniel Moore, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Stephen Moose, the University of Illinois
Carey Morewedge, Carnegie Mellon University
Courtney Morgan, the University of New South Wales
Huw Morgan, Aberystwyth University
Rick Mower, Biology
Corinne Moss-Racusin, Yale University
Peter Muennig, Columbia University
Stuart Mufson, Astronomy
Kathy Mullen, McGill University
Marcus Mund, the University of Jena, Germany
Larry Murdock, Entomology, Purdue University
Geoffrey Murphy, the University of Michigan
Robert Murray, American Academy of Pediatrics, Ohio chapter
James Musser, Physics
Herman Nann, Physics
Christopher Nave, the University of California, Riverside
Joseph Near, Medical Sciences Program
Anton Neff, Medical Sciences Program
Craig Nelson, Biology
Erwin Nemeth, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology
Kenneth Nephew, Medical Sciences Program
Richard Newcomb, the University of Auckland, New Zealand
William Newman, History and Philosophy of Science
Paula Niedenthal, Sociology
Scott Nielsen, the University of Alberta, Canada
David Nieman, Appalachian State University
Dan-Eric Nilsson, Lund University
Hiroshi Nittono, Hiroshima University, Japan
Christopher Ochner, Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Shannon Odelberg, the University of Utah
Ron O‘Dor, Dalhousie University
Harold Ogren, Physics
Herbert Ohm, Purdue University
Valerie Dean O‘Laughlin, Medical Sciences Program
Michael Oshinsky, Thomas Jefferson University
Karl Ost, Medical Sciences Program
Clinton Oster, School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Hans W. Paerl, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Carolina Pagli, the University of Leeds
James Pankow, Oregon Graduate Institute
Linda Parker, The University of Guelph
Edwin Parks, School of Dentistry
Gary Pavlis, Geological Sciences
Eric Payne, the University of Michigan
Jonathan Payne, Stanford University
Irene Pepperberg, the Alex Foundation
Shanan Peters, the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Richard Phillips, Biology, Indiana University
Elizabeth A. Pierson, University of Arizona
Catherine Pilachowski, Astronomy
Dennis Pittenger, the University of California, Riverside
Didier Pittet, the University of Geneva Hospital
P. David Polly, Geological Sciences
Barry Popkin, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Michael Posner, the University of Oregon
Hannah Post
Hugh Powell, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Henry Prange, Medical Sciences Program
John Preer, Biology
Helen Proctor, World Animal Protection
Sara Pryor, Geography
Sarah Queller, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Elizabeth Raff, Biology
Jonathan Raff
Rudolf Raff, Biology
A. Ramachandra Rao, Civil Engineering, Purdue University
Samrrah Raouf, Biology
Howard Rasmussen, Medical College of Georgia in Augusta
Richard Raub, Center for Public Safety, Northwestern University
George Rebec, Psychological and Brain Sciences
David Reich, Harvard University
Xiaoping Ren, Harbin Medical University, Nangang District, China
Luke Rendell, St. Andrews University, Scotland
Adam Rengstorf, Astronomy
Heather Reynolds, Biology
John Richardson, Chemistry
Janet Richmond, the University of Illinois at Chicago
Loren Rieseberg, Biology
James Rilling, Emory University
Beate Ritz, UCLA
Scott Robeson, Geography
Edward Robertson, Computer Sciences
Roger Roffman, the University of Washington
Gregg Roman, the University of Houston
Mark Ronan, Medical Sciences Program
Judith Rose, Textillery Weavers, Bloomington, Indiana
David Rosmarin, Harvard University
Lynn Rothschild, NASA Ames Research Center
Megan Reinersten Ross, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago
Rodney Rountree, the University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Bill Rowland, Biology
Kathleen Rowold, IU Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design
Paddy Royall, the University of Bristol
Al Ruesink, Biology
Jodie Rummer, James Cook University, Australia
John Rupp, IU Geological Survey
Elana Premack Sandler
David Schary, Oregon State University
Kathy Schick, CRAFT
Whitney Schlegel, Medical Sciences Program
Todd Schlenke, Emory university
Hans Peter Schmid, Meteorology
Maria Schmidt, Applied Health Science
John Schrader, Kinesiology
Dolores Schroeder, Medical Sciences Program
Stefan Schuster, the University of Bayreuth, Germany
Peter Schwandt, Physics
Kurt Schwenk, University of Connecticut
Mary Schweitzer, North Carolina State University
Sara Seager, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Marc-André Selosse, National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France
Nelson Shaffer, Indiana Geological Survey
Matt Shawkey, the University of Akron
Morven Shearer, University of St. Andrews, UK
Nathan Shier, Applied Health Sciences
Richard Shiffrin, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Sabrina Sholts
, the University of California, Berkeley
Seth Shostak, the SETI Institute
Jerry Siegel, Center for Sleep Research, UCLA
Debra Silver, Duke University
Con Slobodchikoff, Northern Arizona University
Eliot Smith, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Linda Smith, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Troy Smith, Biology
Emilie Snell-Rood, the University of Minnesota
Helena Soini, Chemistry
Bruce Solomon, Mathematics
Joel Stager, Kinesiology
Kate Stafford, National Marine Mammal Laboratory
Joseph Stampfli, Mathematics
Daniel Stancil, North Carolina State University
Joseph Steinmetz, Psychological and Brain Sciences and Neural Sciences
Philip Stevens, Public and Environmental Affairs
Alycia Stigall, Ohio University
Howard Stone, Princeton University
Daniel Stouffer, University of Canterbury
Julie Stout, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Michael Strano, MIT
Lane Strathearn, Baylor College of Medicine
Andrew Strasser, the University of Pennsylvania
Georg Striedter, the University of California-Irvine
Susan Strome, Biology
Donald Stuss, Medicine and Psychology, the University of Toronto
Stefan Surzycki, Biology
Robert Suter, Vassar College
James Swihart, Physics
Susan Swithers, Purdue University
Rex Tayloe, Physics
Milton Taylor, Biology
Scott Teige, Physics
Brent Tetri, Saint Louis University
Esther Thelen, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Hans Thewissen, Northeastern Ohio Universities
Larry Thibos, Optometry
Steve Thompson, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago
William Timberlake, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Sharon Toker, Tel Aviv University
Zakary Tormala, Psychological and Brain Sciences
S. Mark Tompkins, the University of Georgia
Nicholas Toth, CRAFT
James Townsend, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Sherry Towers, Arizona State University
George Turner, Astronomy
Tom Turpin, Purdue University
John Updegraff, Kent State University
James Urban, Biology, Kansas State University
Marek Urban, Clemson University
Fran Van Cleave
Julia C. van Kessel, Indiana University
Kristy vanMarle, the University of Missouri
Liese van Zee, Astronomy
David Velinsky, the Academy of Natural Sciences
Craig Vierra, the University of the Pacific
Joe Vinson, the University of Scranton
Irene Vlachos-Weber, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Steve Vinson Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Benjamin Voight, the University of Pennsylvania
Kevin Volpp, the University of Pennsylvania
Leslie Vosshall, Rockefeller University
Michael Wade, Biology
Tadaie Wakamatsu, St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center, Wilmington, Delaware
Yang Wang, IUPUI
Brian Wansink, Cornell University
Kenneth Warner, Medical Sciences Program
Bill Warren, Brown University
Samuel Wasser, the University of Washington
John Watkins, Medical Sciences Program
William Watt, Cognitive Science, University of California, Irvine
Alan Weimer, the University of Colorado
Eugene Weinberg, Biology
Jason Weiss, Purdue University
Ken Weiss, Penn State University
Paul Weiss, California Nanosystems Institute, UCLA
Richard Wells, the University of Warterloo, Canada
Johan Wessberg, the University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Gerald West, Astra Aircraft Corporation, Atlanta, Georgia
Meredith West, Psychological and Brain Sciences and Biology
Jeffrey White, Environmental Sciences
David Whiteoak, Nottingham Centre for Pavement Engineering, Nottingham, England
Marian Willinger, National Institutes of Health
James Windmill, the University of Strathclyde, UK
Jack Windsor, IU School of Dentistry
Robert Wintsch, Geological Sciences
Rafael Wlodarski, Oxford University
Robert Wolkow, University of Alberta, Canada
Patrick Wong, Northwestern University
Julia Wood-Rademacher, Speech and Hearing Sciences
Clive Wynne, the University of Florida
Maya Yamato, Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History
Soogin Yi, Georgia Institute of Technology
Bruce Young, the University of Massachusetts Lowell
Larry Young, Emory University
Mee Young Hong, San Diego State University
Jeffrey Zaleski, Chemistry
Charlie Zender, the University of California, Irvine
Dominick Zero, Dentistry
Baohua Zhou, Wells Center for Pediatric Research, Indiana University School of Medicine
Feng Zhou, Washington University, St. Louis
Fred Zimmerman, UCLA
Benjamin Zuckerman, the University of Wisconsin, Madison
Charles Zuppan, Indiana Geological Survey
Josef Zwanziger, Chemistry

Indiana University Departments

Applied Health Science
Atmospheric Science
CRAFT (Center for Research into the Anthropological Foundations of Technology)
Computer Sciences
Geological Sciences
History and Philosophy of Science
Indiana Geological Survey
Medical Sciences Program
IU Office of Research
Psychological and Brain Sciences
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Speech and Hearing Sciences


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