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Airs: Thursdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 10:30 a.m. on WTIU

Check your local listings for statewide broadcast.

The Weekly Special is a cultural affairs program that explores the people, places, and events that make Indiana such a unique place to live and work.
From visiting unique travel destinations to profiling the rich artistic communities in Indiana, The Weekly Special aims to connect Hoosiers to the stories that often go unnoticed.
Darryl Neher is joined by co-host Erica Sagon.

The origins The Weekly Special can be found in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks. WTIU News and The Friday Zone produced a special about Indiana’s reaction to the events and profiling the community outreach seen across the Hoosier state. After the special, WTIU producers and management realized that there was no local program for which to present such stories.

The new series was launched in May 2005, hosted by Chuck Carney and Ann Shea. The original concept was to present the types of stories Hoosiers would discuss at their local diner. Despite the change of scenery with the September 2012 re-launch, the Weekly Special’s mission remains the same: to share compelling stories from across the state.

The series can be seen statewide on Indiana’s PBS stations. Please check local listings for the station and broadcast dates in your area.

portrait of Darryl and Erica

Erica Sagon, Co-Host

Erica Sagon joins us after years writing for newspapers and magazines across the country. Erica launched her writing career as a reporter and editor for The Arizona Republic. Upon her return to Indiana, Erica helped launch Edible Indy Magazine, a publication that promotes local food, farms, and cuisine. In addition, she regularly contributes to the Indianapolis-based style magazine, Kit.

“Just when you think you know everything about life in Indiana, the Weekly Special is there to tell a story that is untold or out of the ordinary. I’m thrilled to go out and find those stories, the ones that make you proud and excited to be a Hoosier.”

Darryl Neher, Co-Host

Darryl Neher joins us after nearly 20 years on the radio and lecture circuit.  Darryl co-hosted WFHB’s The Sports Dawgs, and helped to launch WFHB’s Interchange, a public affairs talk show; his contributions earned two awards for excellence in broadcast journalism as granted by the Society of Professional Journalists.  In addition, Darryl hosted WGCL’s The Afternoon Edition from 2002 to 2009.

“I look forward to bringing the compelling, entertaining, and personal stories of the people, places, and things that make Indiana an exceptional place to live and visit. I know the Weekly Special will continue to be a creative and challenging experience.”

The Weekly Special Staff

  • Sarah Curtiss, Producer
  • Perry Metz, Executive in Charge

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