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veteran getting hyperbaric oxygen therapy

After traumatic brain injuries, some veterans are turning to a controversial treatment for help called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.


same sex marriage

Indiana has agreed to let a court order recognizing a same-sex marriage remain in effect while the Supreme Court decides the ultimate fate of the law.


Leeky Behrman

Indiana's politicians say al-Qaida is much weaker than it was 13 years ago, but new terrorist threats are emerging.


Stonecutters artist rendering

Stonecutter's Place Senior Apartments promises to offer safe, affordable housing options in the city's downtown.



Two companies and a resident of Indianapolis filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of last month's $112 million with Covanta.


iu health riley

To help prevent the possible outbreak of an enterovirus in Indiana, hospitals around the state are restricting visitors in their Neonatal Intensive Care Units.


katie patterson

What risks do some of Indiana's politicians see with Obama's plan to defeat the Islamic State. What can be done to help people in Indiana suffering from PTSD.

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