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todd young

Senate GOP Leader David Long says if Young’s signature count is short, it would be, in his words, “one of the most colossal mistakes” he’s ever seen.


 The hold is in effect until the Supreme Court takes a look at the regulations

By many accounts, utility companies haven’t been scrambling to comply with the proposed regulations.


Juile and John Ortals

The Bedford couple met online long before millions turned to the Internet to find love.



glass of water

This week on Noon Edition, we'll talk about water problems. What is safe drinking water? How does good water turn bad?


Steele says he wants law enforcement to prove why a video shouldn’t be released and not force the public to prove why it should.

The bill was passed in the House, but is likely to change before heading to the Senate floor for a vote.


Gibson power plant

With the United States Supreme Court granting a stay on the Clean Power Plan, groups on both sides of the aisle are planning for a long battle ahead.

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