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Jazz for the Holidays: Shorty Rogers and “Greensleeves”

We'll hear a clip from trumpeter Shorty Rogers' appearance on the too-hip-to-last early-1960s TV show, Jazz Scene USA.

Shorty RogersFrom the “DVDs-we’re-sorry-we-missed” dpt.: a clip from trumpeter Shorty Rogers’ appearance on the too-hip-to-last early-1960s TV show, Jazz Scene USA. Quite likely inspired by John Coltrane’s recording of the song the year before for his album Africa/Brass; or perhaps by fellow West Coasters Bill Smith and Shelly Manne’s take on it from the album Folk Jazz, which preceded Coltrane’s Impulse LP by about a year:

No filmed evidence of “The Swingin’ Nutcracker” yet, but if any turns up, I’ll be sure to post it.

  • Jon Foley

    Not too shabby a rhythm section on this: Lou Levy, piano; Gary Peacock, bass; Larry Bunker, drums. Shorty always did have good taste in sidemen.

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