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This Rural Nebraska Grocery Store Is ‘More Than A Store’

cashing out at grocery store

Circle C Market serves the village of Cody, Nebraska. During the school day, local students perform tasks at the store as part of their classwork.

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Hellmann’s Creates Vegan ‘Mayo’

Egg salad

Over a year ago, Hellmann's took issue with the term "mayo" for an egg-free spread. Now, they've decided to make their own.

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Genetically Engineered Animals Could Come To Plate Near You


Researchers have developed a new breed of pig that is resistant to an incurable disease that plagues hogs barns, Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome.

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The Clock Is Ticking For A Million Food Stamp Recipients

Terry Work

For unemployed adults in 22 states, they have two months to find a job or lose their food assistance.

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Maine Mulls Standalone GMO Label Law

A pile of snow adorns the home of Maine's state legislature

Lawmakers in Maine want to remove a provision in the state's GMO label law that makes it dependent on passage of similar laws in other states.

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New GMO Apple Could Hit Shelves Soon

bowl of apples

Almost a year after the first two genetically modified varieties of non-browning apples were approved for market, a new Fuji variety could join them.

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Restoring Prairie On The Great Plains

combine in a field

The U.S. Department of Agriculture actually pays farmers to convert highly erodible land back to native vegetation with the Conservation Reserve Program.

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From Our Contributors

Ethanol Aside, Presidential Candidates Aren’t Talking Ag


While many presidential campaigns have published platforms that touch on food and agriculture issues, they’re not often among talking points on the stump.

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Growing Citrus On The Great Plains

Russ Finch holds up half of a Cara Cara orange

You don’t often see orange trees in Nebraska, but Russ Finch says growing citrus was a way of showing that his geothermal greenhouse could work.

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Seven Things To Know About The 2016 Bird Flu


Although this outbreak is so far relatively small, it is a concern because of last year’s devastating avian flu outbreak in the upper Midwest.

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Report: Not So Many Fish In The Sea

Fishermen unloading buckets of fish from their boats in Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

A new study indicates that global fishing operations have depleted stocks by much more than officially reported.

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Senate Nears Compromise On School Nutrition Rules

students at salad bar

The deal OK'd by a key Senate panel preserves stricter school nutrition standards enacted since 2010, but it gives schools more leeway in implementing them.

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400,000 Birds Killed, What’s Next In Avian Flu Outbreak?

turkeys in poultry barn

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security is partnering with the USDA to address the ongoing outbreak of avian flu in Dubois County.

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Rising Energy Costs Of Convenience In The Kitchen

grocery store

Our modern food system gobbles up around 10-15 percent of our total energy pie. Much of it goes to the approximate 30,000 food processing plants in the U.S.

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