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Bill Would Extend Farm Safety Net To Urban Growers

growing places indy

A Michigan senator is introducing legislation that would let urban farmers access the traditional agricultural safety net.

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Farmers Feel Pressure To Fight Agricultural Water Pollution

A patch of rye planted as a cover crop

Planting cover crops and spoon-feeding fertilizer are two ways to cut agriculture’s contribution to nitrates in water, but not enough farmers are buying in yet.

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In The Face Of Uncertain Future, Ag Industry Titans Pair Up


The prospect of fewer, larger companies controlling so much of the basic food supply is giving some farmers and anti-trust advocates heartburn.

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Biotech Companies Promise New Insect-Killing Genes

Corn rootworm beetle larvae feed on maize root and seed.

Scientists have discovered a soil microbe with a gene that kills the corn rootworm, an insect that farmers spend $1 billion each year trying to control.

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Top Fast Food Chains Using Less Meat Raised With Antibiotics

Chickens participate in a program to improve organic standards

A consortium of consumer, health and environment groups has ranked 25 fast food chains for transparency and their use of meat raised with antibiotics.

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Study: MRSA Transmitted Through Poultry Consumption


George Washington University researchers say they found a new strain of MRSA transmitted to people through consumption of infected poultry.

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Senate Committee Hears Both Sides On Proposed Ag Company Mergers

Monsanto chief technology officer Robb Fraley

Supporters and opponents of several proposed mergers among agricultural seed and chemical companies are making their case to lawmakers in Washington.

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From Our Contributors

Creamy Pumpkin Sage Fettuccine


Pasta is surprisingly easy to make at home and such a delight to prepare. Plus the flavor and texture of fresh noodles is incomparable.

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Hold The Pasta, Make Zoodles Instead

zucchini noodles and meatballs

I’m not going to tell you zucchini noodles are just as good as regular pasta because that would be a lie. They’re delicious but in a different way.

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How Are Nitrates Ending Up In Drinking Water Supplies?

headwaters of the South Platte River

Crop farms and livestock operations are the biggest contributors to nutrient problems in the Gulf of Mexico

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Halal Food Sales Growing in U.S.

A street cart sells halal food to customers in New York

Demand for halal food has increased in recent years, reaching $1.9 billion between August 2015 and August 2016.

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The Cost Of Living With Food Allergies


Stephanie Montgomery and her son both have food allergies. When she refills the prescription for her family's EpiPens, the trip may cost her well over $600.

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Organic Industry Wants To Define Humanely Raised Meat

carton of eggs with labels

Organic animal welfare standards are expected to be finalized by year's end. It could clear up some questions for consumers but leave division behind the plate.

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Food Safety Rules Slowly Paying Off

A USDA microbiologist adds reagents to test for E. coli in Athens, Georgia.

Despite food recalls and disease outbreaks frequently making headlines, data is showing that cases of foodborne illness are slowly declining.

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