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Farm Loses 47,000 Turkeys To Tainted Oil Sold As Food Grade

Oil drums

The industrial waste oil passed off as food-grade oil contained lascadoil—a combination of oleic acid, soy oil, and lasalocid sodium, used in animal drugs.

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Avian Flu Outbreak Takes Poultry Producers Into Uncharted Territory

dead poultry

The outbreak has affected 174 farms in 15 states. Because there's no vaccine, infected and even healthy birds must be killed to try to stop the virus.

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CDC Report Shows Ups And Downs In Food Poisoning

A look at the Vibrio bacteria through an electron microscope

A new report from the CDC shows that E. coli and other foodborne illnesses are down, but a deadly, less common type of food poisoning is growing.

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Target Moves Away From Packaged Foods, Towards Fresh Foods

Target store

Target is a major player when it comes to food purchasing -- Americans spend $15 billion in food at its stores annually.

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White House Releases Strategy To Save Bees


The White House's plan outlines how to save habitat and promote research. Some environmentalists wonder if it goes far enough to protect pollinators.

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California Drought Not A Midwest Windfall

Andy Daniels

Things were different fifty-years-ago when fruit and vegetable production was a larger part of Midwest farming. Now it’s all about corn and soybeans.

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From Our Contributors

Local Farmers Get Creative To Compete In Crowded Market

Farmer Alice McGary

Before the mid-1980s there were no farms in this country offering CSAs. Now there are upwards of 5,000.

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Study Questions Superfood Hopes for Crickets

Crickets on display at a night market in Thailand

New research indicates that crickets don’t convert feed into edible protein as efficiently as entomophagy proponents have suggested.

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Panera Cuts ‘Fake Food’ From Its Menu

panera bread

Dubbed the "No No List," Panera has decided to eliminate over 150 ingredients from its menu by 2016.

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Chicken Farmers Weigh End-Of-Life Decisions For Their Birds

red chicken

Hens can live up to ten years but they only lay eggs for about five. That’s when most birds end up on the chopping block. But in cities, it’s more complicated.

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Seaweed Salad With Shoestring Vegetable And Thai Basil

Seaweed Salad with Shoestring Vegetable and Thai Basil

The vegetables, combined with honey and lime, will give a familiar taste to the potentially unusual seaweed flavor.

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