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Minimum Wage Fight Not To Blame For McDonald’s Robots

Workers wait at cash registers at a McDonald's restaurant in New York fitted with self-serve kiosks.

Recent click-tempting headlines say the Fight for 15 movement caused McDonalds to replace cashiers with robots. Except it probably didn’t.

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Farmers Are Courting Trump, But They Don’t Speak For All Of Rural America

american flag on a barn

With Donald Trump's victory, farmers are hoping to profit. But most rural Americans aren't farmers. Small towns have their own priorities.

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Hard Cider: The Midwest’s New Alcoholic Specialty

cider taps

Nationally, hard apple cider has enjoyed of renaissance of sorts over the past few years. Sales growth neared triple-digits just a few years ago.

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Get Ready For Lower Meat Prices This Holiday Season


It typically takes a while for changes in commodity prices to reach consumers but they're reaping the benefits of an improved situation for livestock producers.

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Who Invented Agriculture First? It Sure Wasn’t Humans

leaf cutter ants

Ants in Fiji farm plants and fertilize them with their poop, and they've been doing this for 3 million years, much longer than humans.

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Farmers Rely More On Agronomists In Down Economy

ISU extension agronomist Angie Rieck-Hinz and farmer Edwin Johnson

Midwest farmers are once again facing low commodity prices. Agronomists can give feedback and advice on where producers can cut costs and maximize profits.

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To Save Heritage Turkeys, We Must Eat Them

Dana Kee's Moose Manor Farm

Heritage turkeys descended from birds brought by British settlers that mated with turkeys native to the U.S.

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From Our Contributors

Science Says Bee Brood Is Good Grub

Honey bees tend to larvae in a hive.

A new study makes the case for using bee grubs wasted in honey farming as a protein-rich food source for the future.

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How To Make Spicebush Tea

Berries and leaves on a spicebush plant

During the Civil War, spicebush tea often substituted for coffee when rations ran low. Pioneers also often made a spring tonic of spicebush tea.

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Organic Board Says No To Additive, Tables Hydroponics

Eucheuma denticulatum, a source for carrageenan

The top advisory board on organic standards in the US has decided that products with “USDA Organic” label can no longer contain carrageenan.

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Butternut Mac ’n’ Cheese With Crunchy Sunflower Topping

mac 'n' cheese

Everyone at your Thanksgiving table will be able to enjoy this vegan mac 'n' cheese.

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Can Western Identity Be Wrapped Up In Rocky Mountain Oyster?

Rocky Mountain Oysters

There’s a rich tapestry of Western lore built around Rocky Mountain oysters thanks to the food’s cowboy provenance.

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Struggling To Reduce Indiana’s Growing Feral Hog Population

hog head

Wild pigs are an invasive species first introduced to Indiana in the late 1980s. They're blamed for millions of dollars in damage to crops each year.

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Can Hydroponics Be Certified Organic? Battle Rages On

organic sign in grocery store

National Organic Standards Board voted to go back to the drawing board with the goal to come up with specific definitions on what can and can’t be certified.

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