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Organic Farmers On The Social Stigma Of ‘Dirty’ Fields

farmers gathered under a tent

A study found that farmers who go organic are often subject to a “weedy field bad farmer” mentality in their communities.

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Germany Begins GMO Ban; Scotland Urged To Rethink Ban

German field

European Union nations have until October 3 to declare if they want to opt out of future genetically modified crops.

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Why Aren’t Robots Slicing And Dicing Our Beef?

JBS sign

Many manufacturers have gone to automated machines to process food. Yet it still takes thousands of workers to keep a modern beef plant up and running.

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Louisville Food Hub Cancels Biofuel Plans

Food trucks in Louisville

After facing community opposition, plans for a massive new food hub in Louisville will no longer include a composting facility to turn food waste into energy.

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Crop Insurance Claims Jump Due To Unusual Weather


Bloomberg News released a study showing crop insurance claims have jumped 48 percent, but analysts remind the season isn't over yet.

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Turkeys Back In Barns After Bird Flu


Farmers have reached a milestone in the recovery from the massive avian flu outbreak last spring. Birds are back in the barns at this Iowa farm.

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Washington Drought Worst Since 1977

Puget Sound

Seattle, Tacoma and Everett have put into place a voluntary water reduction call, asking residents to cut water usage by 10 percent.

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From Our Contributors

Homebrewing 101 With The Bloomington Hop Jockeys

Bloomington Hop Jockeys at Brewers Cup

The Bloomington Hop Jockeys have been meeting since 2004 to promote Homebrewing in Southern Indiana.

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Are Farmers Markets Becoming A Tough Sell For Growers?

table full of vegetables for sale

As farmers diversify how and where they sell their produce, more and more customers access local food without face-to-face interactions with growers.

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Monsanto Drops Bid to Buy Syngenta

Fruit expo attendees visit a Syngenta booth

After months of negotiations, Monsanto announced on Wednesday that it would not try to purchase competitor Syngenta.

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Fish Farming Still Saps Wild Fisheries

Salmon swiming in an aquaculture pond

The farmed fish business is booming, but growing demand puts pressure on wild fisheries as fish farmers need to feed their increasing stock.

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Campus Food Banks Grow, Fight Stereotypes

Students stock shelves at a food pantry

The number of food banks serving students on college campuses has climbed in recent years as more students seek a road out of poverty.

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Corn Harvest Expected To Drop 20 Percent From Last Year

United Soybean Board

The decline could hurt farmers, but high yields in other parts of the country mean grocery prices likely won't be impacted.

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Could Spicy Food Make You Live Longer?

A bowl of chili peppers dries in the sun

New research has revealed a correlation between longer life and eating chili peppers.

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