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More Colleges Open Food Pantries To Address Campus Hunger

The George Washington University food pantry.

George Washington University is among the latest to try to make sure its students, most of whom receive financial aid, have enough to eat.

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The Land Institute Still Searching For Perennial Solution

the land institute sign

Researchers at the Land Institute are still working on a new way of farming that mirrors natural, sustainable ecosystems and remains profitable for farmers.

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Pepsi Pledges To Cut Sugar In Drinks

Glass Pepsi bottles are marked with

PepsiCo this week announced new targets for reducing sugar, salt and fat drinks and snacks by 2025.

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Hurricane Matthew Latest Catastrophic Event To Hit N.C. CAFOs

flooded lagoons

Hurricane Matthew floodwaters killed millions of chickens and pigs and potentially flooded lagoons that retain millions of pounds of hog waste.

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Trump And Clinton May Agree On Food Stamps, Conservation

donald trump and hillary clinton

The campaigns agree on food policy in some surprising ways. Most notable: both campaigns say that food-stamp benefits should remain a part of the Farm Bill.

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Cut Down On Bee-Killing Pesticides? Easier Said Than Done

bees on flowers

In Canada, the province of Ontario is trying to crack down on pesticides called "neonics," with mixed results.

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The Tomato Debate: To Refrigerate Or Not To Refrigerate

tomatoes in the refrigerator

In the great household debate about refrigerating tomatoes, there's new scientific evidence on the no-fridge side, but some taste testers are not convinced.

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From Our Contributors

Southern-Fried Chicken Mushroom Sandwich

chicken mushroom sandwich

Bright orange chicken mushrooms are all over Midwestern woods and farmers markets these days.

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Wasabi Is The “Hardest Plant To Grow,” Just As Hard To Find


Somewhere between 90 and 95 percent of wasabi sold in restaurants is fake. It’s just a mixture of horseradish, green food coloring and dry mustard.

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Researching New Ways Farmers Can Fight Gulf’s ‘Dead Zone’

Geologist Carrie Elliott in a boat

Upstream farmers can’t just stop using fertilizer all together. Researchers are looking at plant-based strategies to help mitigate the dead zone.

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Berry Pickers Form Union, Taste Victory

A worker holds a handful of blueberries

Berry pickers in Washington state have formed one of the first farmworker unions to come along in many years.

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Okra And Chickpea Curry

okra curry

Coconut milk instead of cream makes this curry vegan.

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Wheat Berry Salad With Late Summer Vegetables

wheat berry salad

Over the next few weeks, we'll share recipes that work well with your late-summer veggies. Today, we combine zucchini and cherry tomatoes with wheat berries.

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Perdue Goes Antibiotic-Free


The announcement marks the end of 14 years of efforts to eliminate antibiotics in Perdue's chicken products.

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