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The Gamble Of The Farmers That Raise Our Chicken

Farmer Tim Mueller

Farmers sign multi-million dollar deals to do business with big corporations. It requires a major investment from farmers, who hope the investment will pay off.

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Lead Detected In Baby Food Samples

baby food

Twenty percent of baby food samples were found to contain lead, according to the Environmental Defense Fund. Pediatricians say there's no safe lead level.

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Soda Taxes Making Ripples

Multicolored soda bottles displayed in a case

Several municipalities across the US are looking into benefits and side effects of soda taxes that have recently passed or are now going into effect.

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This Farmer Wants To Give Animals A Better Life — And Death

Jon McConaughy

Farmer Jon McConaughy's animals live their whole lives on his farm, and they die there, too. He tries to make the end as stress-free and respectful as he can.

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7 Years After BP Oil Spill, Oyster Farming Takes Hold In South

Zirlott family's oyster farm

The "off-bottom" production method, in which oysters are grown in hanging baskets tumbled by waves, is starting to flourish on the Gulf coast.

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Worry About The ‘Growing Threat’ Of Agricultural Espionage


Intellectual property is often hard to protect, no matter what form it takes. The technology used in our food system, however, presents a unique challenge.

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American Beef Industry To Send Bull Back Into China’s Shops

cow carcasses

China is set to once again import U.S.-raised beef. To take advantage of the massive new market, the U.S. cattle industry is going to have to make some changes.

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From Our Contributors

Falsely Labeled Organic Imports Alarm Organic Industry


Three soybean and corn shipments from Turkey were falsely labeled "organic" upon arrival in the U.S. earlier this year.

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USDA Reorganization Shakes Confidence In Trump’s Rural Agenda

new hospital

Many of USDA’s rural development programs are aimed at creating jobs. That can make a difference in towns where agriculture no longer provides as many jobs.

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Rural Areas Still Lag Behind In Digital Technology Adoption


Rural residents are still 10 percent less likely to have broadband access at home than people in cities, according to data from the Pew Research Center.

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Fairness Rule Divides Cattle Country On Role Of Government


Ranchers worry that a move to delay federal rules that would make it easier for them lodge complaints about unfair treatment may spell the end of the new rules.

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As Organic Industry Grows, It Edges Toward Mainstream

organic chives

The counter-culture movement that once agitated the food industry from the periphery has grown much closer to conventional.

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Sustainable Agriculture Research Center Survives Cut, Barely

field of oats

The Iowa Legislature decided to defund the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, leaving it to rely on money from its existing endowment and grants.

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Moroccan Carrot Orange Salad

carrot orange salad

This salad is raw and vegan, but it doesn't skimp on flavor.

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