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Dancing About Science: Windfall Presents DancE=mc2

Promising an evening filled with "Aha!" moments, Windfall Dancers teams up with WFIU's A Moment of Science for a choreographic investigation.

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    Photo: C. Neil Parsons

    One of Windfall's new dances pays homage to Marie Curie.

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    Photo: C. Neil Parsons

    DancE=mc2 features all-new choreography exploring scientific concepts and processes.

Event Information


Windfall Dancers present a program of all-new choreography inspired by science.

Ivy Tech John Waldron Art Center Rose Firebay, 122 S. Walnut

Thursday March 10, Friday March 11, Saturday March 12 @ 8pm

Tickets on sale at the BCT Box Office and at the door: $8-12

What do dance and science have in common? Can the abstract expression of modern dance reveal truths discovered through scientific inquiry?

Windfall Dancers investigate these and other questions through choreographic processes. Their findings will be made public in a program of all-new choreography inspired by science, including explorations of gravity (with flying apples), action/reaction, the life of famed scientist Marie Curie, evolution, and more.

Curiosity Is The Catalyst

So, to get back to that pesky question, what do dance and science have in common?

“Curiosity, for starters,” says show director C. Neil Parsons. He is premiering a piece in DancE=mc2. “Scientists and choreographers alike begin their process by asking questions. I’ll wonder, ‘What quality of movement best fits this moment in the music?’ for example, or ‘How can I fit 30 dancers on a small stage and prevent personal injury?’”

AMOS Extended Dance Mix

DancE=mc2 culminates with Parsons’ work “The Dance of the Neurotransmitters,” which was inspired by WFIU’s A Moment of Science.   With narration provided by A Moment of Science co-hosts Don Glass and Yaël Ksander, Parsons’ work also features an extended remix of the program’s familiar theme,  specially adapted for the setting by the music’s original composer, Lewis Ricci.

Parsons likens the empirical process at the core of scientific experimentation to dance rehearsals. “We may begin with a fairly clear idea of how the finished piece may look,” Parsons observes, “but we are likely to find ourselves in uncharted territory before creative possibility becomes certainty.”

Value-Added Dance

The scientifically themed program may offer something for those who tend to be left wanting more from an evening of dance.

“We hope that what the audience sees in the moment is pleasing on an artistic level,” Parsons emphasizes. “But by informing our creative process with layers of scientific concepts, we hope we’ve done more than just give ourselves a creative challenge. Maybe we’re giving the audience something more to discuss after the show is done, engaging their intellectual curiosity.”

Yaël Ksander

WFIU's Arts Desk Editor, Yaël seeks out and shepherds the stories of artists, musicians, writers, and other creative people. In addition, Yaël co-hosts A Moment of Science, writes essays for A Moment of Indiana History, produces Speak Your Mind (WFIU's guest editorial segment), hosts music and news hours throughout the week, and lends her voice to everything from accounting courses to nature documentaries. Yaël holds a MFA in painting from Indiana University, an MA in art history from Columbia University, and a BA from the University of Virginia, where she studied languages and literature.

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