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Hearing Loss, Slowly But Surely: How To Avoid Going Deaf

Your hearing may be fine now, but years down the road you'll be regretting ever listening to loud music.

Girl Listening With Headphones

Photo: Rhys Bennett (Flickr)

When jamming out with your headphones, if you can't hear the person next to, then your music is too loud.

When it comes to hearing loss,  it doesn’t matter what you’re listening to…music, a podcast, even standing near a loud lawnmower or watching fireworks.

Noise that’s too loud damages cells inside the ear, called hair cells. They translate sound into electrical signals that get sent to the brain. Damage to many of these cells and your hearing starts to go.

Say What?

If you’re standing near someone, about an arm’s length away, and you can’t hear what they’re saying because whatever you’re listening to is too loud, or noise in the background is too loud –that’s how you know when sound is too noisy.

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