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The Dramatic Love Life Of A Male Jumping Spider

Wild Science: The California Sea Lion

Wild Science headed to the Indianapolis Zoo to learn more about California Sea Lions.

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Wild Science: Orangutans

Wild Science visits the Indianapolis Zoo, where staff explain the intelligence and behavior of orangutans, and how their species is being threatened by humans.

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Why You Can’t Knock Down a Clown

Remember those inflatable clowns that stood about three feet high and had big red noses, meant for punching? Hit the clown as hard as you could, right back up.

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Haven’t We Met?

If you suffered from the neurological disorder called "facial agnosia," you might not recognize the faces of close friends and family. How could this happen?

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How Do You Make A Diet-Coke Float?

Here is an at home experiment you can try! Learn about molecular density!

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Wild Science: Timber Rattlesnakes

Rattlesnakes are an important component of our ecosystem, but are also potentially dangerous to humans.

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Wild Science: Opossums

They may look gross and scary, but that's just them playing "opossum." We visit Wildcare Inc., to find out more about the "garbage collector of the forest."

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American Columbo

The American Columbo plant doesn't flower until close to its 30th birthday, and then it promptly gives up the ghost.

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Wild Science: Poison Ivy

Poison ivy can quickly turn your relaxing nature hike into a painfully itchy affair! Learn more about this toxic plant and how to steer clear of its path.

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Wild Science: American Crow

Crows are uncommonly intelligent. On this episode of Wild Science, we visit Wildcare Inc. to see all of what these brainy birds can do!

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Does Nature Abhor A Vacuum?

a statue of Torricelli

Evangelista Torricelli disproved the maxim that nature abhors a vacuum.

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Royal Jelly And Vaccines

Queen Bee on Honeycomb

Humans aren't the only ones that receive vaccinations.

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Dolphin Versus Octopus

A Dolphin.

Even when an octopus is technically dead, its arms can still fight.

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Earthquake Explainer

a destroyed church

In the United States, Alaska has the highest number of earthquakes on average.

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Solar Flares And You

northern lights behind a snowy landscape

Solar storms can impact power grids, GPS, and radio transmissions, among other things.

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Wildfires: A Brief Explainer

Smoke and mountains in the background, a neighborhood in the foreground.

Wildfires need three ingredients: heat, fuel, and oxygen.

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