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Noon Edition

How Heavy Rainfall Affects Agriculture In The Midwest

Flooded corn field

Flooded fields like this one in Jackson County, kept farmers from planting. As a result, they expect lower yields in the fall. (Brock Turner, WFIU/WTIU News)

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Recent wet weather has had significant impacts for agriculture across Indiana and the Midwest.

Soggy and flooded fields have kept corn and soybean farmers from planting, which ultimately decreases the crops they’ll yield this fall.

People can expect to see higher prices for grain and animal products as farmers dip into their reserves. 

It is unclear how much land is left unplanted now, with some farmers estimating around half of their land will not yield crop this fall. 

Some have opted to not attempt planting, and claim crop insurance instead. Others are taking their chances and putting their trust in Mother Nature. 

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Our Guests

Scott McDonald, Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

Matt Crowe, Greene County Farmer

Whitney Schlegel, Marble Hill Farm

Sal Sama, Premier Ag Co-op Inc. Vice President of Sales and Marketing 


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