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Noon Edition

2024 Spring Fund Drive

Note: the audio for this show will be available Friday

A photo of the side of the WFIU/WTIU news car.

(Matt Rasnic, WFIU/WTIU News)

Noon Edition airs on Fridays at noon on WFIU 

This Friday we are looking back at some of Noon Edition’s shows over the past few months during this year’s Spring fund drive.    

It’s been a busy time in recent months in the Indiana statehouse, and bills on wetlands, student literacy, and pet sales were among the topics for shows.   

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Bloomington has also had a busy news cycle, with much happening in the MCCSC with school mergers and rule changes. Most notably, are the new faces in city government, such as new council members and Bloomington’s new mayor Kerry Thomson.   

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On Friday’s fund drive you will hear clips from shows ranging from our interview with Mayor Kerry Thomson and discussions of bills at the statehouse the upcoming 2024 election coverage.    

Listen in to some of our recent programs, coming up this Friday at noon.    



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