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Many challenges ahead for Bloomington’s new mayor 

Kerry Thomson seen giving a speech on election night on Nov. 7, 2023. (Ethan Sandweiss / WFIU-WTIU)

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Bloomington’s new Mayor Kerry Thomson will be expected to address some unresolved issues this upcoming year while charting her direction for the city and its residents.  

Thomson has already made headway on one of Bloomington’s longest ongoing projects, the expansion of the convention center, adding Jay Baer to the Capital Improvement Board.   

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One of the more pressing issues is the relocation of the police department to the western part of city hall and the sale of the current station. Many residents have expressed concerns about the potential sale, stating the land should remain available for public use. Bloomington’s current police and fire stations have lasting flood damage from heavy rains in 2021.    

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Thomson will also have to answer questions on the future of Bloomington’s annexation project, started by former Mayor John Hamilton back in 2017. His plans received significant pushback from several fronts.      

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This week on Noon Edition, we will speak with Mayor Thomson about these projects and everything else she has planned for the upcoming year.  

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