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The History of Hoosier Cryptids

May 31, 2019

Urban legends are everywhere. For the Pacific Northwest, it's Sasquatch; for New Jersey, it's the Jersey Devil. They're strange beasts lurking just out of sight, hanging around the back of your mind while you're alone at night.

The technical name for them is "cryptids," mysterious beings whose existence can't be proven or disproven. And where there are unexplainable phenomena, there are cryptids.

On this new [Indi]android, we'll meet Lindsey Beckley, a historian for the Indiana Historical Bureau. She'll walk us through several of Indiana's cryptids and the legends behind them - and why some cryptids may not be the fun scary stories we're used to.

You can check out the full video above. And be sure to come back next week for Part 2, where we'll go deep into Indiana's most notorious cryptid.